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True and false identification method of thin-walled sanitary pipe fittings

by:Mayer     2021-08-15
The authenticity identification method of thin-walled sanitary pipe fittings The identification method of thin-walled sanitary pipe fittings: whole stainless steel, the source of which is generally orders from steel mills or imports from foreign countries, and processed commodities with overstocking in the society. The source of stainless steel is different, and the method of identification is also different. To identify stainless steel materials ordered by imports or steel mills, generally only need to check the marks on the steel or packaging according to the quality certificate of the import or steel mill (referred to as the warranty certificate). The quality certificate is the supplier's confirmation and guarantee of the inspection results of the batch of products. Therefore, the quality certificate not only states the name, specification, number of pieces delivered, weight, and delivery status of the material. In addition, all inspection results of the specified guarantee items must be stated. Similarly, in order to facilitate management, avoid confusion and prevent use accidents caused by confusion. The manufacturer shall mark the brand, batch number, status, specification, quantity, and manufacturer's code on the material or packaging, and the marked mark shall be consistent with the record in the quality certificate. The commonly used marking methods are mainly the following three: 1. Paint thin-walled sanitary pipe fittings, and paint the specified part of the material with a color that indicates its brand; 2. Print thin-walled sanitary pipe fittings, stamp or spray print on the specified part of the material. Explain the brand, specification, and pot number of the material. Stamping is often used on thick steel plates or large and medium-sized steels. 3. The thin-walled sanitary pipe fittings should be listed, and on the bundles or boxes of materials, a sign indicating the brand, batch number, specification, quantity, etc. should be hung. The signs of thin-walled sanitary pipe fittings are generally printed and hung.
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