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Stick to the integrity and quality, guarding consumer rights and interests


       Recently, Qu Wei, Deputy General Manager of Sales of Guangzhou Mayer Corp., Ltd. participated in the recording of Guangdong Radio and Television Station 2024 Guangdong "3-15" Gala, and shared Mayer's way of quality production and honesty management with the consumers on how Guangzhou Mayer practices the protection of consumers' rights and interests. In an interview with the media, Mr Qu said that Guangzhou Mayer has always been "integrity-based, customer first" as the core values of the enterprise, is committed to providing consumers with high-quality stainless steel water pipes, to protect the rights and interests of consumers with practical action. He revealed that in order to ensure the authenticity and reliability of product quality, all the company's steel coils come from well-known large steel mills, and the raw materials can be traced back to the source of stainless steel production from iron ore. Guangzhou Mayer resolutely eliminates the use of materials made from recycled scrap steel, and ensures the quality of stainless steel water pipes by complying with the national standard material composition ratio. "Consumers are our lifeline, for any after-sales problems, we always adhere to the principle of solving the problem first and tracing the cause of the problem later." Mr Qu said that Mayer's sales team has always stood on the consumers' point of view and provided them with attentive and efficient services. Since 2005, Meiya has been awarded as a contract-abiding and credit-abiding enterprise for 16 consecutive years, which is not only the affirmation of Mayer's honesty and integrity, but also the best reward for quality production.

        In order to ensure the traceability of product quality, Guangzhou Mayer has set a quality traceability code for each water pipe and each pipe fitting. This means that after the products leave the factory, consumers can trace back to the production source of raw materials, thus ensuring the standardisation and safety of raw materials and the whole production process. In terms of product quality control, the products and testing standards produced by Guangzhou Mayer are higher than the national standards, every steel pipe and pipe fitting that leaves the factory has gone through 100% airtightness testing, and the pipe fittings bearing mouths have also passed strict testing to ensure that every product that leaves the factory meets the requirements of high-quality products.

       On the special day of 315 Consumer Rights Day, Guangzhou Midea has interpreted the social responsibility and commitment of the enterprise with practical actions. Being able to participate in the Guangdong "3-15" evening party recording activities is not only a recognition of the integrity of Guangzhou Midea's business, but also an advocate of the quality of consumption in the industry as a whole. Guangzhou Mayer will continue to lead the industry, promote the development of quality consumption, and contribute to the protection of consumer rights and interests.

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