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Guangzhou Mayer Year-end Feast

  • 2022 year-end summary meeting

In the morning of January 10, Guangzhou Mayer Corp., Ltd. held the 2022 year-end summary meeting, in which everyone reviewed the work of the past year and looked forward to and deployed the work plan for 2023. At the summing-up meeting, the person in charge of each department showed the achievements, highlights and shortcomings of the year with quantifiable results and data, listed the achievements, checked the shortcomings and clarified the direction, laying a good foundation for mutual exchange and learning and seeking future development together. At the end of the meeting, General Manager Xiao Libo expressed his high recognition of the management and effectiveness of all aspects, and analyzed and studied the current situation and deployed the key work of Mayer in 2023. Mr. Xiao expressed his deep expectations for all of us, hoping that we will have high morale and firm goals in the future, and form a good corporate atmosphere of innovation and excellence to create a new glory in 2023!

  • 2022 Annual Recognition Ceremony

  • 2023 Annual Target Signing Pledge Conference

In order to commend the employees and managers who performed well in 2022 and confirm the target business plan for 2023, Guangzhou Mayer held the 2022 annual commendation and 2023 annual target signing vow meeting in the afternoon of January 10. General Manager Xiao Libo, Executive Vice President Lin Jinhe, Vice President of Personnel and Administration Huang Fugen, Vice President of Sales Qu Wei and Vice President of Production Mo Shaowen and other leaders attended the meeting, and managers and supervisors of each department and all employees attended the meeting. The meeting was addressed by Mr. Lin, who said that in 2022, the epidemic was rampant, the market was in the doldrums, full of hardships and inevitable setbacks. When we deeply felt that the external environment was difficult to change, we took timely actions to pay close attention to internal management, improve the organizational structure, especially the flat management model reform, which fundamentally optimized the workflow and improved the work production efficiency. Mr. Lin emphasized that it is not important whether the winter will come or not, but whether we have "planned for a rainy day", and that there are challenges and opportunities in the crisis. First of all, Mayer should embrace the changes: move with the times and develop due to the opportunities; secondly, we should have the awareness of worry, crisis, cost and innovation; last but not least, Meiya will continue to deepen the internal reform, strengthen the quality control, improve the service and strengthen the cost control. In the fierce market competition, in the uncertain economic situation, make the enterprise bigger, stronger and longer!

There is no shortcut to success, but a hundred refinements also become steel; there is such a group of people in the company, they are diligent, strive for the top, with love and efforts to help the company. This time, we commended 5 excellent new employees, 25 excellent employees, 2 sales champions and 3 excellent managers.

After repeated discussions among all the leaders of Mayer, Guangzhou Mayer Corp., Ltd. has a sales target of 650 million and a profit target of 28 million for 2023. The managers in charge of each department and business made the signing of the 2023 annual military order target.

At the end of the meeting, Mr. Xiao summarized the meeting. He firstly congratulated and thanked all the outstanding employees who won the awards, and hoped that they would adhere to the exemplary style and go further in the new journey.

Mr. Xiao said that it is certainly not easy to accomplish the goal of 2023, which requires all Mayer's people to put in more efforts, sweat more and exert more enthusiasm than before. Meiya has to make the best use of people's talents, make the best use of people, make the best use of people's efficiency, and let those who are capable take their positions. At the same time to strengthen the talent training system, to do according to the material to teach, according to the post to teach, quickly improve the quality of staff and work ability. Improve the company's talent ladder construction, so that capable employees have a clear promotion channel.

Mr. Xiao stressed that in the new year, Mayer should reduce costs and increase efficiency, continue to deepen internal reform, take effective measures in technical transformation, energy consumption reduction and index tapping, continue to optimize process convergence, promote refined management and carry out cost tapping work in all aspects. Performance, management and talent, we hope that every Mayer's employee will remember these three missions in the new year, and win and succeed in the new year.

  • Annual Meeting Feast

In order to show the company's good appearance of rapid development, enhance friendship and cohesion, Guangzhou Mayer held a grand annual meeting ceremony to thank all the staff for their hard work and silent contribution in the past year.

The company also prepared New Year gifts for each employee, and there was also a lottery session, the company prepared generous gifts and cash bonuses, the dinner atmosphere is very happy! The year-end event came to a successful end with laughter, and we are grateful to our customers and suppliers for their continuous support and love, and to our family members who are not afraid of the wind and rain and are working together.

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