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Guangzhou Mayer Corp., Ltd. has been specializing in the production of stainless steel water pipes for 29 years. It is listed on the main board of Hong Kong, China (Stock Code: 01116. HK). It is a benchmark brand in China's stainless steel water pipe industry. We have participated in many large projects and cooperated with the government and many large enterprises. At present, Mayer is the only manufacturer in China that can independently control all links and processes of stainless steel pipe making. All raw materials of stainless steel products are raw materials from three major domestic steel plants, and they are subject to strict quality inspection. The whole production process from raw materials into the factory to Coil Slitting, pipe making and pipe fitting is completed in the factory, and there are strict quality inspection means. Each finished product has traceability source, which can be traced back to the source of raw materials, and the quality assurance is guaranteed.Our stainless steel products are exported to Southeast Asia, Africa, Europe, America and other parts of the world. The quality of our products has been recognized by many customers. At present, we have obtained the product standard certification from Hong Kong, Europe, Australia and other places. We can produce stainless steel products of national standard, European standard, American Standard and Japanese standard, etc.



Our company is designated by many major tap water companies as stainless steel pipeline quality supplier,

and also designated as supplier by Chinese Ministry of Construction. 

Our products are widely used in the fields of water supply, gas supply, food sanitation equipment, and factory pipeline system.

And we provide customers with design, construction, supervision, use and after-sales and other professional services.

Press fitting M profile

Press fitting coupling, elbow , tee M profile

Press fitting V profile

press fitting coupling, elbow, tee V profile

Grooved pipe fitting

Grooved elbow, tee and flange fitting

Welded pipe and fittings

Welded pipe and fittings

Guangzhou Mayer Corp., Ltd
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