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One of CCTV's programmes


One of CCTV's programmes "Quality" is about the decoration of a couple. The video tells us one thing that we often ignored in the decoration: the safety of drinking water, and gets a conclusion. It is suggested that thin-walled stainless steel pipes be used in the decoration.


The last defensive line is very important.


As far as the water supply safety is concerned, the quality of water from the water company to the user is up to the standard because the water is in a continuous flow state and it is not easy to breed bacteria.


But after reaching the user's house, bacteria grow because the water in the household tap pipe does not always flow. Therefore, in the house decoration, the choice of water pipe material is particularly important.


Stainless steel pipes are recommended for household pipes


In the household decoration industry, plastic pipes are widely used in China, such as PP-R pipes and PVC pipes, which belong to plastic pipes.


If plastic pipes are used all the time, natural purified water will be transported through plastic pipes for a long time, which will cause serious damage to water quality, greatly reduce people's health index, and the carcinogenic rate will be high in the future.


So many years ago, in Germany, the United States and other developed countries, ordinary residential communities have been using stainless steel pipes as domestic drinking water pipes. In Taiwan, China, thin-walled stainless steel pipes are also widely used as domestic pipes.


Among many water pipe materials, stainless steel is a kind of green and healthy metal material. Its molecular layout is stable, it will not release harmful substances due to the change of environmental temperature, there is no odor, and it will not scale in long-term use, thus avoiding the secondary pollution of water quality by water pipe materials.


At present, Shenzhen and Changsha have taken the lead in promoting the application of stainless steel pipes, fully demonstrating that the advantages of stainless steel pipes have been affirmed and recognized. The popularization and application trend of stainless steel water pipes is gradually emerging. It bears people's pursuit of quality life and has good development potential.

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