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Guangzhou Mayer Participated in the 2023 National Green Building Materials Campaign to the Countryside (Guangdong Fengkai Station)


On August 18th, the 2023 National Green Building Materials Campaign to the Countryside (Guangdong Fengkai Station) and the Development Conference of Prefabricated Buildings and Green Building Materials Industry were held in Fengkai County, Zhaoqing City. Deng Yiyuan, the manager of Guangzhou Mayer Marketing Center, and Sun Jing, the sales manager, jointly participated in the green building materials product exhibition and symposium. Sun was interviewed by the media at the event site.

This green building materials to the countryside activity is the first stop for Guangdong Province's green building materials to go deep into the northwest of Guangdong Province. It includes relevant leaders from the Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, the Provincial Department of Housing and Urban Rural Development, the Provincial Department of Commerce, the Provincial Market Supervision and Administration, the Zhaoqing Municipal Government, the head of the Provincial Building Materials Association, relevant departments in Zhaoqing City and counties, and functional departments in Fengkai County. It is also a member of the Guangdong Green Building Materials to the Countryside Activity Alliance and a unit related to the green building materials industry chain in Fengkai County Experts and scholars attended the conference.

Manager Sun stated in an interview with the media that technological innovation is particularly important in promoting the development of green building materials, and it is necessary to increase research and development investment and cooperate with scientific research institutions, universities, and other institutions. Guangzhou Mayer produces stainless steel water pipes and has actively collaborated with universities in recent years to develop new materials to replace traditional non degradable materials. Compared to the non degradability of plastic pipes, using stainless steel water pipes is more environmentally friendly. Stainless steel water pipes are 100% recyclable and more environmentally friendly. The industrial development conference held in the afternoon focused on the theme of green building materials and prefabricated buildings, and the attending experts had a wonderful sharing. The attending representatives had discussions and exchanges. Manager Sun delivered a speech at the symposium, stating that as a stainless steel water pipe manufacturer, Meiya is concerned about issues such as market demand, policy support, and cooperation opportunities. She also expressed her hope to establish cooperative relationships with local prefabricated building and green building materials enterprises to jointly promote the development of the industry.

Including the activities on this website, the "2023 National Green Building Materials Going to the Countryside Activity (Guangdong Station)" has held 6 special green building materials going to the countryside activities, attracting more than 240 enterprises and more than 350 brands to participate.

Guangzhou Mayer always adheres to the concept of green and environmental protection, continuously innovates, actively participates in the activities of green building materials going to the countryside, and strives to promote the application and popularization of green building materials, making more people aware of the importance of green building materials and making contributions to building a beautiful home.

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