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Tips on How to Buy a Pipe

by:Mayer     2020-06-09
A lot of people want to buy a pipe and are into smoking through pipes these days, but only a few really know how to use them. If you want to belong to the cultured elite, then you better read on and find out how you can smoke with a pipe and display proper etiquette as well. This article offers some tips you are sure to find useful. Without further ado, here they are: 1. Don't smoke using a pipe that's too short. This will only lead to trouble, which is why it is referred to as 'the lip burner.' When sparking the bowl of a small pipe, expect the lighter to come just a tad bit close to your head/face, possibly causing harm to your lips and your nose. Worse, if the flame goes higher and gets even closer, well, you could very well say goodbye to your eyelashes. What's more, if you use a shorter pipe, expect your inhalation of smoke to be more grating to your lungs. This is because the smoke won't have time to cool down before it enters your lungs. 2. Don't smoke using a pipe that is too long either. This is actually more for practical reasons than anything else. If you have a longer pipe, you will have difficulty carrying it around with you and fitting it in your pocket. 3. Choose the right elbow joint. This is one of the things to consider that many smokers seem to ignore. A flat elbow joint is your best bet because it can give your pipe a nice surface to sit on that is stable and solid. Some smokers still go for the well-marketed round elbow joint, but this only offers greater possibility for your pipe to tip over, spilling the tobacco and ruining your experience. 4. Use a chamber. If you buy a pipe that comes with a long chamber, this can be used to 'resonate,' another term for 'strengthen,' the quality of the tobacco you inhale. However, do keep in mind that it may prove difficult to smoke the pipe once the tobacco has resonated 5. Make sure your pipe is airtight. For this purpose, you can turn to tiny rubber rings that help create airtight seal between the pieces 6. Go for a stylish pipe. You're going to be using your pipe every now and then, right? So why not go for one that will make you stand out from other smokers? These days, there are a lot of unique pipes you can choose from that are both a functional and fun. You should definitely look at glass pipes when you want to buy a pipe. A glass pipe offers several advantages you'll find irresistible. First, a pipe made of glass doesn't heat up and cause trouble like metal pipes do. Second, you can monitor the smoke filling the chamber because of the glass' transparent nature. Third, the pipe manifests color with extended use, adding aesthetic value.
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