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The price of sanitary diaphragm valves has risen and the basis for the recovery of benefits is still not strong

by:Mayer     2021-08-18
The basis for rising prices of sanitary diaphragm valves and recovery of benefits is still not strong. 2017 is a critical year for the sanitary diaphragm valve industry to resolve excess production capacity. The fundamentals of the current overcapacity of stainless steel pipes have not changed, the basis for price rises and profit recovery is still not strong, and the industry has not completely out of the predicament. In addition to the problems of low industrial concentration and increased friction in international trade of stainless steel, the chaos of ground steel is serious, and the market environment needs to be further improved is also listed as a prominent problem in the development of the industry. 'Flat steel' is a chronic disease in the sanitary diaphragm valve industry. With the advancement of stainless steel pipe capacity reduction work, a large number of 'local steel' enterprises have been exposed everywhere. These enterprises not only fail to meet the requirements in terms of product quality, safety, and environmental protection, but also have non-invoicing tax evasion and counterfeit high-quality enterprises. Products, unlicensed production and sales, etc., have severely disrupted market order and severely squeezed the market space for the production and operation of legally compliant enterprises, and they urgently need to be completely banned. Experts in the industry generally believe that phased results have been achieved in 2016 to resolve the excess capacity of stainless steel pipes, but this work cannot be accomplished overnight, and many problems are gradually being resolved. In 2017, efforts to resolve the excess capacity of stainless steel pipes will continue to increase. The Department of Raw Materials of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology emphasizes that sanitary diaphragm valves will further strengthen market-oriented and legal methods to resolve excess production capacity, highlight the strict implementation of environmental protection, energy consumption, and safety standards, and regard “local steel” as the top priority for the withdrawal of production capacity and resolutely follow the law. Completely ban the illegal and illegal production capacity of “land strip steel”. The central government, local governments, society, and enterprises have worked together to crack down on 'district steel' and ensure that it is completely banned by the end of June 2017. Disposing of zombie companies is the best way to resolve excess capacity. Sanitary diaphragm valve companies actively choose to withdraw, and they will face issues such as asset and debt disposal and employee placement. In my country, the promotion of overcapacity reduction requires proper placement of employees. To this end, a good and stable environment is created, especially for the re-employment assistance of relevant employees, strengthening vocational training, employment services and policy support, and doing a good job of social security linkages and strengthening The government must provide assistance to people in need, and use public welfare posts to support the bottom line. In this way, a set of methods can be summarized in the in-depth practice of the de-capacity work of stainless steel and coal. The determination to reduce production capacity of sanitary diaphragm valves in 2017 will not waver, and will not weaken.
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