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The Pneumatic Fittings And Knowledge of Quick Couplings

by:Mayer     2020-06-16
Hydraulic quick couplings for special heavy-duty design, the mother material for the steel chrome fittings, connectors and female connectors of public lock sets have been hardened, and good pressure and fatigue: The two sealed, no leakage: with safety from lock function. This quick couplings is a not need to use tools, can achieve rapid assembly and disassembly of pipe joints, he had to open both ends and both ends of the open-closed two structures. Both ends of the retractable connector from the connector body quick, one-way valve spool, jackets, balls, springs and seals and other components. Joint body cavity which have a one-way valve, separate from the body when the two connectors, the one-way valve spool under spring in their extended, and the top pressure in the joint body of the tapered hole, so that channel closed both sides within the oil pipe in the tube can not be closed out; when the two connector bodies connect the front of the two one-way valve spool mandrel bumped, forced to leave the joint body of the cone spool hole, so that both sides of the tube Oil connecting the two connector body with steel ball locking, work, coat in spring ball under pressure in the joint body of the U-slot, so joint body connection. This quick couplings is easy to dismount, but the structure more complex, local resistance to greater losses for the oil and gas pipeline system for the media. Quick couplings at both ends open, and the only difference between both ends of the retractable connector is not a one-way valve body cavity, when two separate joint bodies, can not be closed channel. Connector at one end by the 3-type hose fittings and hose connected to the connector hose connector quick couplings directly into the inner core. The use of hydraulic quick couplings Note: Use the hose to confirm whether or not preceded by distorted, split off office. Hose should be careful not to be in the block, concrete and other damage, not for a long time pressing, so as to avoid damage. Do not bend too fast hose connection end of the office. Do not use hanging items. Do not hose near the fire, to prevent the cause softening or deformation. Should be placed to avoid the sun, low humidity kept well-ventilated place. Plastic hose not less than the minimum bend radius of 30 mm. Hose should be careful not to be rocks, concrete and other damage, not a long time under pressure, to avoid damage. The role of pneumatic fittings is the use of impact or the rotation effect of air pressure to exercise or to make successful. Compressed air for pneumatic fittings is the power source to drive the completion of stretching or rotating mechanical action. Because the air is compressed using the characteristics of inhaled compressed air storage, air will be the same as with the elastic spring, and then control element to control its direction of rotation and drive the implementation of flexible components. The number of air inhaled from the atmosphere, how much will discharge into the atmosphere will not produce any chemical reaction, air pollution will not consume any component, other than the viscosity of liquid gas is smaller, so that flow fast, so that pneumatic fittings The main features is the saving and environmental protection. Here are pneumatic devices pneumatic technology advantages. Pneumatic fittings is simple, lightweight, easy to install and maintain. Pressure levels low, safe to use. Pneumatic fittings working medium is a mine of air, the air itself is not spending money. Exhaust is simple, do not pollute the environment, and low cost. Output force and the working speed of adjustment is easy. Action cylinder speed is generally 50 ~ 500mm / s, than the mode of action of hydraulic and electrical fast. High reliability and long service life. Electrical components of the effective action for approximately a million times, and SMC solenoid valve life in general than 30 million times, a small valve more than 200 million times. Use of compressed air can be stored energy, centralized gas supply. A short-term release of energy in order to obtain high-speed intermittent movement response. Buffer can be realized. Shock load and overload on the strong adaptability. Under certain conditions, can have self-holding capacity of pneumatic devices. All pneumatic control with fire, explosion, moisture capacity. Compared with the hydraulic means, pneumatic means can be used in high temperature situations. As the air flow loss, the supply of compressed air can be concentrated, long-distance transport. Pneumatic devices pneumatic technology shortcomings as follows: As the air compression cylinder moves the load speed of vulnerability varies. Method using gas-liquid interaction can overcome this defect, pneumatic fittings, hydraulic cylinder faster than the speed. Cylinder at low speed, because of friction larger proportion of total thrust, low-speed stability of the cylinder as hydraulic cylinders. Although in many applications, the pneumatic cylinder device output power to meet the job requirements, but its output force smaller than the hydraulic cylinder.
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