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The Need of The Hour - High Thickness Seamless Fittings

by:Mayer     2020-06-23
Power Projects is the growing area of business in India and many other countries. Now more and more clients are opting for super critical power plants having single unit of 660, 700 or 800 MW. This has resulted in a huge requirement of Pipe Fittings and Piping Spools. Companies used to buy Seamless fittings up to 24' maximum and preferred to go for Welded fittings above 24'. A general understanding is that Welded fittings cost more than Seamless fittings. Welded fittings also require extra tests like RT and heat-treatment. In power sector typically clients go for Seamless fittings even up to 30' and above 30' they prefer to go for Welded fittings. It is also observed that in higher sizes of Seamless fittings it also requires high thickness. The thickness depends on the application but the trend says that the thickness requirement is from 40 mm to 70 mm. It also may go higher in some cases. This also changes the requirement of Piping Spools in higher thickness. Gujarat Infrapipes has successfully produced 24' Elbow in Seamless construction having thickness of 70 mm. GIPL has also developed 30' Seamless Elbow and has a capability to produce up to 36'. Producing seamless elbows will not only increase the productivity but also will give better quality. There is also a trend to go for weldless Piping spools up to a certain size. This will also help to control the quality and avoid welding of small size pipes. It is also possible to bend in different axis and planes with either NC or CNC machines. Pipe fittings both Seamless and welded plays a major role in piping and given equal importance to ensure the quality of complete Piping system either critical or normal. The trend is to control the raw material and process to maintain the end quality of the product. There are also stage inspections and after process tests. Gujarat Infrapipes has all testing facility to ensure quality checks right from incoming to final inspection before dispatch. The same advantage they have in Piping Spools and has resulted in repeated orders from the same customers. Having facility like TIG, MIG and Arc welding within house heat treatment and RT ensures control on complete process and timely delivery. For more information or to place an order, visit our website at http://www.gujaratinfra.com
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