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The importance of sanitary ball valve maintenance

by:Mayer     2021-08-19
The importance of maintenance and repair of sanitary ball valve If the sanitary ball valve leaks without maintenance, it is often already damaged very seriously, which not only increases the difficulty of repair, but also often even loses the possibility of repair And value. Therefore, for a well-organized and well-managed valve maintenance work, not only the relevant personnel must have corresponding awareness, but also preventive and maintenance measures, that is, regular inspections of the valve (for example, the sealing of the valve relative to the outside world, The tightness of the valve in the closed state, etc.). The key to preventive maintenance of the valve is to repair the valve immediately when the valve is found to be leaking for the first time, because the circulating medium can cause the sealing surface in a short time even if the smallest sealing surface is damaged. The large area is damaged, resulting in expensive repair costs. Sanitary ball valve is a kind of high-alloy steel valve that can resist corrosion in the air or chemical corrosive medium. Sanitary valve has beautiful surface and good corrosion resistance. It does not need to go through surface treatment such as plating, but plays the role of sanitary ball valve. Inherent surface properties, a kind of steel used in many aspects, usually called sanitary valves. High-alloy steels such as 13 chrome steel and 18-8 chrome-nickel steel represent performance. When repairing sanitary ball valves, pay attention to the water ingress in the electric head and its transmission mechanism. Especially in the rainy season the infiltration of rainwater. One is to rust the transmission mechanism or the transmission shaft sleeve, and the other is to freeze in winter. The torque is too large when the electric valve is operated, and the damage to the transmission components will cause the motor to be unloaded or the over-torque protection will trip and electric operation cannot be realized. The transmission parts are damaged, and manual operation cannot be performed. After the over-torque protection is activated, manual operation also cannot be switched. Forcible operation will damage the internal alloy parts. Due to the lack of concepts and equipment for sanitary valve maintenance and repair, currently only nuclear power plants in China can basically perform maintenance on all valves during each shutdown and maintenance period. Repair after broken is a kind of maintenance-free repair, which is extremely detrimental to the safe operation of the whole set of equipment and the service life of the valve. The potential emergency shutdown accident is extremely dangerous, and the resulting loss is also huge. .
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