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The Armatur For Bathrooms Plumbing

by:Mayer     2020-06-27
Fitting it with connecting elements which made installation of heating system, water supply and sanitation. The correct choice of fittings depends on reliable and long-term performance of the system. Depending on the purpose for which the fittings will be used, selected material from which they are made, the production technology. In our online shop BAD-WELTEN.DE, you can buy a fitting German, Spanish, Czech, Chinese producers. The prices of fittings armaturen are for retail. For wholesale customers fitting a flexible system of discounts. Screw-way is considered a classic and involves the use of fittings armaturen with threads on the inner or outer surface. The connection in this case is done by fitting to wrap the pipe with the same thread. This method can be used even in cases where there is no possibility of using other methods. In particular, the installation of various devices to control and monitor bathroom fittings, or if necessary, the connection of pipelines of various types are often used threaded fittings. However, there is one 'but': the connection to the pipe fitting is very important to consider the materials of their manufacture. For example, when connecting to cast iron fittings with plastic or copper pipe, a very high probability fairly rapid exit of the tube fails. Pressing method is distinguished by its speed and ease of installation, which are provided through the use of special fittings. This so-called press-fitting, consisting of housing, with the tip, nozzle and nuts. Direct connection is made through the press or press-mite gun. As a result, it turns out one-piece and has a high degree of reliability. The compression method can be applied in case of repair of water pipes or other works with pipelines in remote places. Compression fittings are able to easily connect any pipe, different both in material manufacturing, and the diameter. Solvent cement fittings made of PVC and are suitable not only for connecting pipes made of similar material, but for many others, such as cast iron. Pipe connection in this case, the so-called 'cold welding', performed by liquid- polymer glue and has a high degree of integrity and reliability. The newest, not so long ago embedded in the production are self-locking fittings. They represent a certain system of internal rings. By pressing a special key teeth of one of them belong to another, thereby forming a secure and tight grip. These fittings armaturen are subject to multiple uses. As you can see, the proposed selection of fittings is very wide and varied, so getting fittings wholesale or retail need to know exactly where they will be used, and what made the connecting elements. Otherwise, there would be no guarantee as performing the work.
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