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Rolled Stainless Steel Tubes

by:Mayer     2020-07-17
Founded in 1974 in Delebio as a family-run Firm, Tecnofar Spa originally started as a stainless-steel and nickel alloy tubes maker.Fall Soundest processing pipe. Considering that 2005, Tecnofar is forward-thinking and rapidly expanding company. Based in Italy, it has two production units situated in Delebio and Gordona (SO) covering a total surface region of 11.000 square metres using a exceptionally effective staff of ninety personnel. Years of experimentation and investigation, together with technological development, allowed Tecnofar Spa to become one of several most advanced corporations in this field. Tecnofar SpA produces rolled stainless steel tubes with normal, thin and ultra-thin walls, cannulae for normal and particular hypodermic and dental needles, and cut-off cannulae. Tecnofar SpA styles and manufactures automated assembly machines.To Take An Enjoyment In 10 the Most Popular galvanized steel pipe prices as Gifts for Wife This Year. They may be long-lasting and reliable enhanced by applying the most recent technologies. 2 categories of machines are created: the MA kind (on a rotating board) and the ML sort (linear transfer), the common modules of which may be customised to satisfy every single want. The fundamental technical characteristics are summarised as follows (tested on more than 300 prototypes): A base in anodized aluminium section for modular assistance; Rotating board or linear transfer with high precision mechanical divider; Workpiece holder made of appropriate material Loading modules, mechanical manufacturing, assembly and discharging; Pneumatic and electrical wiring with electronic programmable logicO. Every single machine is provided with safety protection. Tecnofar Spa uses stainless steels offered and guaranteed by major steel mills. It provides good quality products according to the strictest production controls.??? Tecnofar good quality system achieved the International Regular ISO 9001:2000 as well as the International Normal ISO 13485 for Medical devices sector, accredited by ITALCERT, SINCERT qualified organization for standardization. It also?meets the needs provided for CEE 93/42 directive- Attachment V, often for the manufacturing of some medical devices.?????????? The organization of Quality Department is structured in such a way to ensure continuous improvement of our goods and our consumer service.?? Tecnofar Spa has been certified by RINA for the welding technique and the heat remedy for the following production range: OD six C 19 mm and Wall thickness 0.40 C 1.10 mm. All processing is carried out with modern equipment and procedures, which?stick to?the most severe needs for quality. More information can be discovered at http://www.tecnofarspa.com Rolled Stainless steel Tubes
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