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Repairing Copper Tubing

by:Mayer     2020-07-18
Copper fittings utilize pressure to hold two separate pieces together. If installed properly, it will seal the seam and it will not leak. They come in many different varieties and have many different sizes and uses. There is a one used specifically for flexible, or 'soft' temper copper piping, called a flare fitting. This allows you to apply pressure to the malleable soft temper piping without kinking or damaging it. They are comprised of three parts: the compression nut, the compression ring, and the compression seat. These come together in much the same way a bottle cap is screwed on; the threaded compression seat links to the threaded compression nut and twists closed. It is important when using copper fittings not to tighten them too much; overbearing pressure can damage the fitting or bend the pipe, making them unusable or leaky. Compression fittings are single-use only; once attached to a pipe, it is usually attached for good. If improperly installed, you must cut the piping around the fitting to remove it and purchase a new copper compression fitting. Copper tubing are the most versatile plumbing material that can be concealed for both hot and cold water applications. These tubings are available in different forms including coiled rolls and straight pipes in varying diameters. Copper tubings are known for their high resistance against corrosion. Although the probability for damages are less, but you should always be ready for the repair. Easiest way to repair a copper tubing is replaces the damaged section of the pipe. Basically copper tubes are joined in three ways: solder joints, compression fittings and flared tubing. For most of the fittings, you can mix and match the type of connection to leak proof line. A rigid tubing with a soldered joints are perfect for under the sink application, flared or compression fittings are perfect for flexible tubing used to carry water to the faucet. Special tools and expertise is required for flared pipes. Solder joints too require use of torch for clean welding. If you don't need to replace a large section of the soldered, the best method for repair is using multiple joint. Using a compression joint is considered to be safe, convenient and cost-effective method. Instruction for pipe repair Identify the size of the pipe you need before going to the hardware store. You can figure out the size accurately by cutting a small section of pipe. You can carry this as sample, or may also measure the size of the pipe using tape or making marks on the thread. Don't forget to measure the length of the pipe, you would need as a replacement. The first step is to remove the pipe you need to replace. Cut the section slowly, or you may dent the tube by applying greater force. Measure the length of the pipe that has been removed. Rub wool or steel at the end of the pipe to make the surface smooth. The smooth surface will provide better grip for the compression fitting. Calculate the size of the replacement pipe. Remember, the size of the replacement pipe will not be same as the patch that has been created. Also consider the length of the union fitting. The fitting has a stop point at the bracket that takes up the part of the pipe.
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