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Recyclable Pen Highlighter is a Sleek Promotional Gift!

by:Mayer     2020-07-18
The eco responsible range of pen highlighters from the range of offbeat products at Pen Highlighter makes for great promotional gifts for your community. These products are Eco-Responsible and made from natural and recyclable materials. The barrel is made from recyclable paper and features a cap-off ballpoint pen with a clip on one end. The other end is a cap-off highlighter. The color of the trim matches the color of the highlighter. The pen highlighter is available in Black, Blue, Green, and Red. These subtle yet sleek promotional Pen Highlighters are the perfect products to give away as promotional gifts to your clients, employees, and prospective customers. The beauty of this particular product lies in its subtle styling and design which provides the recipient with a concealed highlighter pen at the bottom of a conventional looking cap top pen. The well fitted cap makes this promotional pen sleek and makes it a great gift for customers, employees, and prospective customers. These promotional pens are the perfect merchandise for imprinting and personalizing with your company brand, logo, and message. The many features of this pen highlighter product add up to make this product an incredibly useful and desirable item as a promotional product. One of the foremost features is having a slickly concealed highlighter fixed to the back end of the highlighter pen which allows the user to write with one end of the pen and to highlight with the other, giving you two different and convenient tools in one. Another convenient feature is the strong and sturdy clip that helps to fix the pen highlighter to the pockets or attach it to notebooks or folders making it easy and convenient to get access to it at any time. These custom imprinted promotional pens come in a bunch of colors. Custom imprinted pens and other Promotional products are great ways to reach the widest range of clients, employees, and potential customers. Research clearly demonstrates that promotional giveaways are an effective method of advertising and popularizing your brand, products and services within the larger community at a fraction of the cost of any other mode of conventional advertising. In addition, the more useful and practical the item of the promotional giveaway is, the more often it is likely to be used, and the longer it is likely to be kept around. The Pen Highlighter is small, convenient, and useful, making them the perfect and long lasting promotional gifts to be given out at everything from trade shows to corporate events and picnics. These pen highlighters are portable and handy, giving them a much greater appeal among recipients and a much longer retention span. Their affordability also adds to their appeal to advertisers because you can reach a much larger number of clients, employees, and potential customers, with the same amount of financial outlay. They are handy to be given out at the workplace as performance rewards, at trade shows and corporate events as promotional gifts or simply as some personal gifts for clients or associates.
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