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Product structure and characteristics of flanged ball valves

by:Mayer     2021-08-16
Flanged ball valve is a common type of flange connection, which is widely used in different types of working conditions. The performance of the ball valve is good, and the work can be completed when used. The flanged ball valve is made of the material used in manufacturing and has excellent wear resistance during use, so even if it is used for a long time, the ball valve is unlikely to be broken. Since it is not worn, it has a long service life. Flange ball valve is not only simple in structure, excellent in sealing performance, but also small in size, light in weight, less material consumption, and small in installation size within a certain nominal diameter range, mainly to cut off the energy medium. It is used for receiving and receiving, and can also be used. For fluid regulation and control, ball valves are widely used in petroleum, natural gas, oil refining, chemical, shipbuilding, power plants and pipeline industries, and are used under harsh working conditions and high requirements. Flange ball valve product structure: 1. The flow resistance of the flange ball valve is small. When the full-diameter ball valve is opened, the diameters of the ball passage, the valve body passage and the connecting pipe are equal to form a diameter, so that the medium can flow without loss. 2. Ball valve block device: In order to prevent accidental operation of the valve switch, please ensure that the valve has a lock hole in the fully open and fully closed positions, and the valve is in the correct position. 3. Anti-shatter structure of ball valve stem: The valve stem is installed at the bottom to prevent it from breaking under pressure. At the same time, if necessary, a fire-proof structure can be established, and metal contact with the valve body can be formed after a fire to ensure a tight seal on the valve stem. 4. The flanged ball valve uses a sphere with a circular through hole in the opening and closing part. Driven by the valve stem, the ball rotates around the valve stem by 0-90 degrees to complete the opening and closing functions. The flange ball valve has a compact switch. The characteristic of the 90 degree rotation speed is that the valve can be closed to close the pipeline medium. The diameter of the ball channel is the same as that of the pipe, the flow resistance is low, the flow rate is large, and the ball valve stem is installed at the bottom. Flange ball valve product characteristics: 1. Flange ball valve has low fluid resistance. The ball valve has the lowest fluid resistance of all valves. Even ball valves with smaller diameters have lower fluid resistance. 2. The switch is fast and convenient. As long as the valve stem rotates 90 degrees, the ball valve can be fully closed or fully opened, which makes it easy to open and close quickly. 3. Excellent sealing performance: The sealing ring of the ball valve seat is made of elastic material such as PTFE, which can be reliably sealed, and as the medium pressure increases, the sealing ability of the valve is also improved. 4. Reliability of the valve stem seal: Since the valve stem only rotates when the ball valve is opened and closed, the packing seal of the valve stem is unlikely to be damaged, and the sealing force of the valve stem reverse seal increases with the increase of the medium pressure And increase. ..5. Flanged ball valves can be equipped with worm gears, electrical equipment, pneumatic equipment, hydraulic equipment, gas-liquid linkage or electro-hydraulic linkage equipment. 6. The ball valve is flat and smooth, and the medium is not easy to deposit. It can be used for pipeline ball valves.
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