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Plastic Caps - Keeps The Contents in The Container Safe

by:Mayer     2020-07-26
According to history, the first bottle cap was manufactured in the year 1890. Thereafter many designs of bottle caps came to the market. With the introduction of plastic, now plastic caps have become more and more popular and they are widely used by all manufacturers of caps. By the term 'Cap' it does not necessarily mean a 'Bottle Cap'. It could be a cap used for the bottle, a cap on the camera lens etc. Irrespective of the type or purpose, plastic caps has become the order of the day. Of course some manufacturers are using metal caps and cork, but it is on a limited scale. Uses of Plastic Caps: Plastic caps are available in different models and shapes. The plastic caps are easy to be removed. For example to open a metal cap of a beer bottle, one has to use a bottle opener. But, a plastic cap can be opened by hand with ease and there is no need to use a bottle opener. These caps are manufactured to the specific need of the customer. They are also available in various colors. The plastic caps used for bottling medicines or any other edible product should be made of superior quality plastic. Such plastic should be 'non reactive' in character. But, such superior variety of plastic may not be required for bottles containing say engine oil etc. Depending on the end use of the cap, the manufacturer would decide on the type or variety of plastic to be used. Types of Plastic Caps: The type of cap to be used also depends on the end use of the product inside the bottle. For example, if the contents of the bottle are for single use, then threaded type of cap may not be required. In such cases, just 'flip-flop' variety of bottle cap would be sufficient. But, if the contents in the bottle are used for longer duration, then threaded variety of bottle cap would be required. Some caps are flexible in nature whereas others are hard. This again depends on the end use of the product inside the bottle or container. Some retailers sell assorted type of plastic caps. In such cases the person has to select the appropriate type of cap to suit his need. This will enable the customer to replace the damaged or missing cap. Plastic Caps have come a long way to take number one position in bottle or container industry.
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