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PEX Makes Radiant Heating Possible

by:Mayer     2020-07-30
Cross-linked polyethylene, better known as PEX, plays an important part in the radiant heating system. This system is the basic reason that many of the European households can enjoy warm room temperature even during freezing winter months. Radiant heating is a trend that is present in this continent since the 1950s. Right now at least 70 percent of the heating systems used in various residential and official places are based on radiant heating. Most of the radiant heating systems are done through under floor heating. The success of this under floor heating depends on the quality of the pipes. It is here that PEX comes into play. Most of the pipes used for this purposes are made by PEX. This material is flexible and long lasting. It can also withstand a great deal of temperature. Right now the US too has its kind of radiant heating system. However, this system is not as sophisticated as those seen in Europe. On the other hand Europe has to make its radiant heating system full proof because many of its countries fall in the arctic zone and that is why have a severe cold temperature. This system helps the residents keep a comfortable temperature in their home. Choosing the best quality PEX pipes help in making the floor warmer for a long time. The pipes are then covered by concrete. In case you are using a copper pipe there are risks that the pipe will suffer corrosion. This is something that you will never have to face if you use PEX pipes. In addition PEX is more cost efficient. It also helps the users to save energy. It is seen that by using this radiant heating system fuel consumption can be brought down by 15 to 20 percent. The idea of safety, and comfort that are related to this heating system has made it very popular. It is also believed that this is also quite natural and never adversely affects the health of the users. Radiant heating will also keep your home free of air-contaminants, bacteria, dust, and cold spots. In a room that has radiant heating you will feel that the heat is equal to your body temperature thus making it very comfortable. Without the use PEX this radiant heating system, especially the floor heating one would be impossible to achieve. So, if you have planned to install this heating system in your home then pay close attention to the quality of the PEX pipe that you are buying and also towards its fitting.
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