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Parts And Accessories of a Mini Spot Cooler

by:Mayer     2020-07-29
Portability is the distinct feature of the mini spot cooler. It is designed to provide instant cooling for small machine parts working overtime, such as needles in textile factories, or the tip of a soldering iron. It increases the heat tolerance of these machines, which allows almost for non-stop operation. As it does, the rate of production also goes up, thereby improving efficiency, quality, and profits. The three major parts that comes with a standard mini spot cooler package are listed as following, together with their functions: Metal Base - It provides reliable support for the unit and allows for quick mounting on any surface. It sticks to the surface as a magnet does. Its body made of stainless steel, the metal base is certain to last for a long time. Vortex Tube - This is the main component of the unit, operating without the use of any moving part. Run by the natural laws of physics, the Vortex Tube has the uncanny ability of producing hot and cold streams from a single pipeline of compressed air, and both come out at two different exit points. This special pipe of the mini spot cooler can produce cold temperatures by as low as seven degrees Celsius. Single Point Hose - The cold air stream is channeled through this hose, which can be flexed toward the specific area that needs cooling. The ideal distance between the nozzle of the hose and the target spot should be half an inch, in order for the unit to effectively thaw. Several accessories come in handy and may actually lengthen the life of the mini spot cooler. One is the muffler that is attached to the cold end of the Vortex Tube. This nifty add-on can further bring down the noise levels of the unit while in operation. Another repercussion of reduced noise is better working conditions for employees, particularly if spot coolers are used in garment factories. A filter with drainage system is an accessory part, yet, it plays quite an important role in keeping the portable spot cooler in good running condition. It keeps the unit and its air pipe lines free from dirt and oil build up. It guarantees passage of clean air through the Vortex Tube. Disassembly and reassembly of the mini spot cooler and its accessory parts is simple and quick to do, which makes regular maintenance a breeze. Spot checks can be done in intervals of two or three months, if only to make sure that filters are working fine and build up of dirt is managed.
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