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Normalizing state of delivery state of stainless steel precision tube

by:Mayer     2021-08-23
The normalizing state of the delivery state of the stainless steel precision tube The stainless steel precision tube is normalized and heat treated before leaving the factory. This delivery state is called the normalizing state. Because the normalizing heating temperature (Ac3+30~50°C for hypoeutectoid steel and Accm+30~50°C for hypereutectoid steel) is stricter than the termination temperature of hot rolling, the structure and performance of the stainless steel precision tube are uniform. Compared with the annealed steel, due to the faster normalizing cooling rate, the number of pearlite in the steel structure increases, the pearlite layer and the steel grain are refined, so it has higher comprehensive mechanical properties and is helpful for improvement The Widmanstatten structure of low carbon steel and the cementite network of hypereutectoid steel can prepare the structure for further heat treatment of the finished product. Carbon steel and composite steel are often delivered in a normalized state. Certain low-alloy high-strength steels such as 14MnMoVBRE and 14CrMnMoVB steels also require normalized delivery in order to obtain the bainite structure. Our company operates all year round: sanitary manhole, stainless steel joint, stainless steel chuck, stainless steel elbow, stainless steel tee, stainless steel clamp, sanitary elbow sanitary tee, sanitary clamp, sanitary ball valve, sanitary butterfly valve , Stainless steel size head, stainless steel union, sanitary check valve, sanitary diaphragm valve, sanitary quick-install elbow, sanitary quick-installed tee, sanitary quick-installed ball valve, sanitary quick-installed butterfly valve, sanitary quick-installed Union, sanitary quick fitting, sanitary mirror tube, sanitary stainless steel pipe, sanitary seamless pipe, stainless steel sanitary pipe, sanitary leather pipe joint, stainless steel leather pipe joint, sanitary sampling valve, sanitary quick install Wire, sanitary quick-installed outer wire, sanitary quick-installed leather joint, sanitary level gauge. Various materials, conventional stock, non-standard can be customized. http://www.spjbxgmxg.comhttp://www.jiebaoliuti.com
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