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Hydraulic System Components

by:Mayer     2020-08-15
Hydraulic fittings is very important devices in people's lives are often used. Hydraulic fittings from the power components (pumps), the implementation of components (cylinder or hydraulic fittings motor), control elements (all valve), auxiliary components and the work of the five media components. Power components (pump) and its role is to use the original motive fluid mechanical energy into hydraulic fittings pressure energy; is part of the hydraulic fittings transmission of power. Implementation of the components (cylinders, hydraulic fittings motors) it is the hydraulic fluid can be converted into mechanical energy. Among them, the tanks do linear motion, rotation motor to do. Control components including pressure valves, flow valves and direction of the valve. Their role is needed stepless speed motive fluid, and hydraulic system working fluid pressure, flow and direction for regulation and control. In addition to these three parts of the auxiliary components other than components, including pressure gauge, oil filter, storage devices, coolers, tube (include: various pipe fittings, high pressure ball valves, quick couplings, hose assembly, Pressure connectors, hose clamps, etc.) and the fuel tank, and these are equally important. Working media refers to the various hydraulic fittings transmission of hydraulic oil or emulsion, it is realized through the pump and the fluid motive energy conversion. The classification of hydraulic fittings: hydraulic hose, high pressure ball valve, intended odd quick connector, sleeve-type pipe fittings, welded pipe fittings, high pressure hose. Hydraulic tube fittings and general hydraulic fittings difference? Largest and most significant difference is that hydraulic pressure is stunning large, sudden burst of hydraulic oil pipeline is a big impact. In accordance with the basic structure of hydraulic circuit hydraulic system can be divided into open systems and closed systems. Open system of pumps pumping from the tank, the system returns back to the oil tank. Its application in general. Closed system is the motor oil pump discharge of oil into the oil return to the mouth are used for vehicles running drives. In accordance with the main function of the hydraulic system can be divided into transmission and control systems. Part of the hydraulic system in a variety of mechanical devices now widely used in the hydraulic system, using a continuous flow of oil (ie, hydraulic oil), hydraulic pump through the hydraulic pump to drive the motor or engine mechanical energy converted into oil pressure can, through a variety of control valves (pressure control valves, flow control valves, directional control valves, etc.), sent as a hydraulic actuator or hydraulic motor in the cylinder, and then transform mechanical power to drive the load. This constitutes a hydraulic system. Hose fittings types and specifications of many common plug-type structure of fast, quick-change style, flare, quick screw-type and the pagoda-style and so on. Hose fittings in the form of straight connector, terminal connector, right angle connector, tee joint, four-way joint, multi-way connector, reducer fittings, internal and external thread connector, connector with one-way throttle valve used in different occasions such as the various tube connector. Fittings, or plastic material usually made of brass. Some of the nickel-plated brass body with polished chrome layer together to increase the corrosion resistance and appearance. Fittings with metric fine pitch thread, cylindrical and tapered pipe thread pipe thread, from the point of sealing is recommended tapered pipe thread connector, the threads coated with a sealing layer. Quick plug pipe joints used in pneumatic tubes and polyurethane nylon loop pipe connections, use the tube inserted, the pipe joints in the elastic clasp bite their own fixed by the ring seal. Just when unloading pipe pressure elastic clasp, you can easily unplug the tube. Express a wide range of plug-type fittings, size series is also very complete, is the most widely used hose fittings joints a. Quick plug pipe joints are straight terminal types, right angle terminals, three, four-way, Y-shaped, T-shaped terminal, wearing board connector, sub-air joints and other forms, all have a Teflon coating on the tapered thread The coating can replace the conventional ring. Quick pipe connector is a need to use the tool can not achieve rapid assembly and disassembly of pipe joints. Often in urgent need of the tube assembly and disassembly is especially applicable. Quick pipe connector with a one-way internal components, each connected by ball joint positioning. Gas line connected to both sides; joint unloading, gas line that is disconnected, no longer need to install air source switch. Quick pipe connector with internal thread external thread, metric thread, cylindrical pipe thread, tapered pipe threads, joints one end of the thread, one end or both ends of the connector are pagoda pagoda joint, or both ends are threaded and other forms. Quick screw-type pipe joint structure is outside the cone in the joint body, there arc-shaped convex sets, set to take over when the hose fittings body in the outer cone tighten the nut you can play a role in sealing. It is suitable for nylon pipe, plastic pipe connection.
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