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How to Use a Steam Cleaner

by:Mayer     2020-08-25
To begin, analyze first the type of steam cleaner you have if it is a single tank or twin tank system. * For single tank system -- unscrew the boiler pressure cap and fill the necessary amount of water according to the boiler capacity that can be seen in the user manual; there are also some models which are provided with a plastic refill bottle. * For twin tank system -- no pressure safety cap only a normal cap that can be open any time for refilling. After which, plug-in the steam cleaner and switch ON. Steam cleaners are provided with indicator lights on the front panel that tells when the machine has already reach the desired temperature and pressure and it is now ready for use. Normally, single tank steam cleaner has the higher level of water in the boiler and takes more time to be heated compared to a twin tank steam cleaner. When the steam machine is ready to work, connect our flexible hose and start to use the attachments according to the cleaning application needed. Window Cleaning Tools needed: flexible hose, window cleaner or squeegee and a towel. It is recommend directing the steam on the glass or window at distance of 5-10 cm then stopping steaming. Use the squeegee to wipe the window moving from top to bottom and wipe it off using a towel. This procedure is very quick and can be repeated if the glass or window is very dirty. For high and hard to reach glass or window, use the extension wands of a steam cleaner. Floor Cleaning Tools needed: flexible hose, extension wands, floor brush and a towel. First, prepare the brush according to the type of floor to be cleaned. * Hard surfaces Marble, stones, tiles, ceramics are examples of hard surfaces. For dirty hard surfaces, use the brush without towel. Stubborn dirt will be melted by the hot steam temperature and the mechanical action of the bristles. After doing so, clipped or put the towel on the floor brush of a steam cleaner and steam clean again. In this manner, all the dirt will be collected by the towel. * Delicate surfaces Surfaces such as wooden floors, parquets and linoleum, wrap the brush with a towel. This will prevent delicate surface from scratching when bristles are too hard. Most of the floor brushes of a steam cleaner have clips to hold the towel if not you can use elastic cloths. Always remember not to stay the steam too long in one spot to avoid damage. Hot dry steam is a strong degreaser that kills germs and leave surfaces completely sanitized. The 101 Steam Applications of a Steam Cleaner Steam lance or the detail nozzle of a steam cleaner can do many different cleaning applications. It can be used to direct steam in the hard to reach places or attaching the small round brush. This is combining the power of the steam with the mechanical action of the bristles for a much effective and efficient cleaning. Steam cleaners have different brushes such as round brushes bristled in nylon, brass or stainless steel that can be used depending on the application needed.
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