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How to Choose Wedding Accessories?

by:Mayer     2020-08-28
Because the style of wedding dress has been basically perfect. So even in the wedding production period, the bride can do to purchase the accessories that can be used with, including shoes, handbags and jewelry. 1. See faces to election Earrings Inverted triangle face: This face is more pointed chin, wearing a form suitable for 'great on the small' earrings, such as the teardrop-shaped; Triangle face: This face is narrow forehead, wide cheeks, suitable for wearing earrings hanging decorated with style, you can lengthen the face; Round face: Do not wear earrings circle, so make your face look more round; can choose type of earring to fall a long stretch of sight, at the same time try to make earrings close with a straight face. 2. Look neck chain-type option Neck short: choose a slightly slender necklace, this can increase the visual length of the neck, avoid wearing a short, thick, hoop necklace around her neck, that would make the neck look shorter; Neck length: short neck and the people on the contrary, these people wear two or three string necklace or collar neck collar will look good and the choice of long necklace will make you into a 'giraffe.' 3. To see hand-selected ring type Long thin fingers: this is the most enviable, because wearing anything look good, especially the larger diamond rings or other jewelry will make you a more beautiful fingers off; ring ring should be selected Broadside of the; Short and flat fingers: the jewel in the ring to select a vertical longer than horizontal, such as egg-shaped ring face, slender fingers that would enhance the sense of; rings to choose the narrow side of the ring. 4. Look at selected wrist bracelet type Wrist thick: for wide and loose to wear bracelets or bracelets, if you wear tight thin, tightly coupling the wrist, but highlights the wrist is very thick. Slender wrist: Nature is beautiful to wear anything, but if the wrist is too small, then, to choose narrow bracelet, do not let his arm looked like a reed wood stick. 5. Plastron (corsage, brooch) Be careful not to wear the pectoral too complex, otherwise it will overwhelm and mask the beautiful wedding dress. Pectoral position of wearing high can increase the body of the slender sense. 6. Handbags Ingenious handbag can add vibrant colors for your wedding, but try not to pay attention with the wedding color shade. Choose a fine handbag, which installed the necessary cosmetics, or sewing kit, makeup and even if the dress an 'accident', you have a tool to make up time. 7. Bridal shoes Select the key parts, in addition to a beautiful shape, but also taking into account the comfort, heel not too high, and do not choose the style slippers! Essential to choose the height of the shoes the shoes with the wedding be sure to remember when putting on shoes when measuring the height dimension to prevent the difference in size when you wear a wedding dress. After a good buy, the best dressed at home before a walk; try to see if there are irregularities at the foot. Classification should take good care of jewelry, especially pearls are the relatively resistant to corrosion and tarnish, take care.
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