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How Big Do You Want To Get? Understanding Penis

by:Mayer     2020-08-30
Most men who start out with penile enlargement programs aren't really sure how big they want to get. In fact, they just, in most cases, want to get BIGGER. That is all that initially most men think about when they look to enlarging their penises. The fact is that asking yourself this question, and answering it realistically will be one of the most important steps and aspects of your entire enhancement program. So, it's best to approach it seriously, spend some time thinking about it, coupling it with your personal research, and then arriving at a realistic template for your future penis size. One of the first steps is to properly measure your manhood. I don't have to explain how to do that in this article as there are many articles that contain the information you should need. You should have a current reading of your penis length, your penis girth, and your total penile volume. Then realistically determine where you want to go from this baseline. If you have a two inch penis and you want to add three inches in a month's time, this is unrealistic. Firstly, because the end result of your size has a lot to do with your current penile size and the amount of penile tissue you are working with. So, for example, a man who has a seven inch penis will find it easier to add three inches than a man who has five inches to start with. However, don't let this discourage you, for in our experience, with the appreciation of penile tissue from the enlargement process, great results can be achieved. It will just take a bit longer if you are starting off with less. So, as we were saying, we want to be realistic. To start off with, a 30% increase in length should, on the anatomical surface, be reachable. One of the reasons for this is that scientists pretty much all agree that at least one-third of the penis length is 'trapped' in the pelvis. So, just by targeting unlocking, and releasing, the main supportive penile ligament should help out in this situation. Not all 30% will typically be released via this method, but there are other methods of stretching and targeting other structures and tissues that can add to the total 30% and beyond. Again, this is the basic level we are starting off with. Girth is based on the size of the penile chambers inside of the penis. Increasing girth mainly deals with encouraging these chambers to be able to hold and contain more blood and blood pressure. This is where 'squeezing' types of exercises are utilized. That is, they help 'milk' more fluid into these chambers. Over time, these chambers, through this process, can be structurally altered in this manner. percentage of girth increase is the best way, we have found, to determine girth increase. The reason for this is that, since girth is cylindrical, it's harder to imagine what an increase in, let's say, one inch will actually relate to. By stating that you want to increase your girth, again, by let's say 20%, this will give you a much more tangible figure that you can better visualize and understand. Again, realistically, based on your current size, determine what realistic goals you want to reach. Keeping them realistic is extremely important. The reason for this is that if you have some impossible goal to reach, you're not likely going to reach it. When this happens, some men can get disappointed and throw in the towel and give up on enlarging themselves. Setting realistic goals and then achieving them is one of the best motivational factors involved in the enlargement process. This is because, at least in the beginning of your enlargement program, reaching simple goals proves that the enhancement process can work (for you) and encourages you to set higher goals, with greater sizes for the future, knowing that you can and will reach them. Realistic goals are very important to achieve the enhancement success you desire. Such goals will help you remain focused, motivated, and help you get to the penile-size destination you want to reach. It's better to stretch out your program over a little more time, than to defeat yourself by expecting too much too soon. Georg von Neumann
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