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Hosted PBX Make Your Business Bigger And Better

by:Mayer     2020-08-31
Customers are looking for companies or businesses that are well established in their industry, a long background of experience and a company that can impress them every step of the way. Although you might be running your business for several years and knows every knot and crannies in the industry conveying that to the client can be difficult, however by overhauling your phone system you can easily impress customers who are calling you and create a lasting impression that they are dealing with an expert in the industry. Often times the way a call is picked up will dictate how a customer pictures your company, with a hosted PBX system you can have an automated receptionist that will professionally greet callers to your business creating a powerful positive first impression, coupling it with a menu system callers can then have the control of the call, the menu system or IVR will prompt callers to press for sales press 2 for support or press for technical assistance and so on depending on what you would like to program in your hosted PBX. Putting yourself into your customer's shoes which company will you transact with, one that when you ring is answered by guy that will just literally pass the telephone to the concerned person or a company with a well established phone system that will greet you, direct you to the right department by pressing a few keys or perhaps transferring your call to the concerned person automatically. With a hosted PBX you can make your business seem bigger and better, callers will picture you answering their call from a gigantic office in the city block even if you are actually taking it in your home office or via your mobile phone while sipping a cup of tea. In fact you can go completely virtual with a hosted PBX and make it seem you have an office in your target market's location. Virtual numbers are offered by most VoIP service providers, so if you want a number in New York or a number in Melbourne then you can have one even if you are in Los Angeles. You can even have staff overseas, all you need to is give them an extension number and you are good to go their phones can automatically be a part of your phone system. Let's say your main office is in Los Angeles, your sales expert is in New York, your IT expert is in Melbourne and your customer service representative is in the Philippines all phones will work together as if you are all in one closed office. The possibilities for a hosted PBX system is just limitless because the platform sits in the cloud distance are no longer a blunder for your business and growth is inevitable.
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