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Home Maintenance And Repairs

by:Mayer     2020-08-31
Knowing how to plumb pipes will save lots of time and money. Washing machine plumbing is trouble free if you know the uncomplicated techniques. You have to keep three things in mind when preparing the pipes for your equipment: location, materials and procedure. You have to identify the supply for cold and hot water. It should be near an electrical outlet. Spot a specific place where you can send out laundry waste. Look for water and electrical facilities for your washing machine by reading the water pressure, temperature and electrical needs stated in its manual before proceeding for pipes plumbing and equipment installation. You have to buy elbow joints with fifteen millimetre copper pipe or you may opt for compression fittings and a pair of hoses with standard size fittings. Usually, these fittings are added when you buy the equipment. 1. Check the water supply you have to turn off the main supply when fitting copper pipe and elbows so the water can be re-routed to the water supply needed by your washing machine. You may also utilize a tap connector, which you can cut and adjust whenever necessary. 2. The end of the washing machine inlet hoses should be connected to your new supply of water, check your supply pipes, they should fit with the shut off valves of your washing machine. This is shut off valves are red color coded for hot water and blue color coded for cold water. 3. Waste is definitely part of washing clothes, and disposing laundry waste properly is a sure fire head ache free for those who are going to use the machine. Wastes are usually sent outside. You have to drill a passage with an exact measurement of the pipe attached outside the machine, for waste disposal. You can buy a complete set of kit and gray hole bore in any handyman's store. Waste pipes are connected using a cement to solder and fuse the pipes. It is best to connect the waste into an accessible waste supply other than having a new one, which can be an added on work and not to mention the long attachment of pipes. The waste can also be placed in an existing or new stand pipe, and the hose can be left stuck in the pipe. Washing machine plumbing of hose attachments is important in disposing waste. Doing plumbing correctly will avoid creating havoc in your machine. You also have to fasten the pipes securely using pipe clips, so that it is attached to the wall. The washing machine hoses should be fitted in the back of the equipment, and then finally you can already open the valves which were previously shut off, to test if the water flow pressure is precisely what the machine needs. 4. Check all connections once again, tightly secure knots and bolts. Position the machine, and test the supply of electricity by plugging on the switch in the socket and turning on the machine buttons. Following the steps will help your washing machine plumbing stress free.
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