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Hauling Your RV 5th Wheel Using a Gooseneck Balled Truck

by:Mayer     2020-09-03
A situation can arise where one needs to haul a RV 5th wheel trailer but the truck available only has a gooseneck hitch. Fifth wheeler hitches are typically more expensive and cumbersome than the gooseneck type; not to worry though, some creative minds have come up with a coupling system to solve this dilemma. This couple is simply an adaptor that is attached to a conventional fifth wheeler kingpin while the other end engages the gooseneck ball. The RV 5th wheel coupler secures itself to the kingpin by means of two horse clamps and a couple of set screws. The installation procedure is simple and short, not lasting anything beyond twenty minutes. This kind of fixture is preferred since it avoids long, tiring and costly fabrication procedures such as welding or cutting. The coupler however calls for extra attention especially during towing. Normally the kingpin is located close to the fifth wheeler hitch. The pivot action is shifted from the kingpin to the gooseneck ball. Due to the leveraging effect of the coupler additional pressure is thus exerted to the kingpin. The trailer owner therefore needs to take some cautionary measures to ensure the proper and safe of operation of the RV 5th wheel coupler. One needs to always make certain that the kingpin is securely attached to the pin box of the coupler by occasionally reinforcing it. Driving should be as smooth as possible while avoiding jerking when starting or stopping. This is also means that the trailer's breaks should be maintained in good working condition. The coupler also features a safety latch device on the end that engages the towing vehicle's gooseneck ball. This latch ensures that the trailer is secured to the truck with no chance of accidentally disengaging. It is set to automatically engage while hitching up but has to be manually disengaged upon unhooking. Dismounting is done via depressing a spring-loaded arm conveniently located at the coupler's end. It should not be difficult to locate a nice RV fifth wheel trailer-gooseneck ball coupler, not if you are searching online. What's more, this can make for a very nice gift for a friend in the gooseneck ball truck-fifth wheeler trailer dilemma. Still online, you can find a fine manufacturer who can have the coupler delivered right to your doorstep free of freight charges. Again, if your trailer is not always on the go the coupler can save you money on a new fifth wheel hitch. Now you can tow your RV 5th wheel trailer comfortably into the sunset.
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