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Flexible Pipe Couplings and Their Specific Applications

by:Mayer     2020-09-06
In the context of pipes and joints, a coupling is a round hollow object that serves as a joining element for two pipes. Flexible pipe couplings are typically used in specific applications that are prone to such issues as angular deflection, uneven joining surfaces, vibration and so on. In short, flexible couplings can be said to be suitable in most applications where a rigid coupling might not prove to be efficient. There could be several other reasons why flexibility in couplings is required. These include: Now that you know all these factors, it becomes evident that rigid couplings, though widely used, are not always the most ideal product for all types of applications. Flexible coupling products are usually manufactured from light-weight, durable and flexible materials such as reinforced plastics, PVC, or even ductile iron and asbestos cement. There are a myriad of environments where these couplings are used. These include: sewage treatment plants, conveying systems, food and beverage sector, chemical industries, manufacturing and processing industries, gas and fuel distribution, building construction and more. These components can be easily procured from a leading manufacturer or distributor of pipe couplings and sewer fittings. When you are procuring these components, you should look for factors such as: There are various different types of flexible pipe couplings geared to different installation needs. You can find specific couplings for each of these requirements: Adopting a lackadaisical approach when investing in couplings can cause severe damage to your pipelines and piping systems at a later stage. Hence, it is always a prudent decision to invest in high-quality flexible pipe couplings to begin with.
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