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Finding The Right Shelving or Rack For Your Business

by:Mayer     2020-09-14
When you are searching for your right storage solution, there are many types of racking, also known as 'shelving', available on the market to suit a wide variety of storage requirements. Before selecting any type of racking, you will need to know the approximate sizes and weight of the items you are intending to store, as well as the amount of space you have available to install the racking. It is very important to know the size and weight of the items you are going to store because an item can be large but very light in weight, or smaller but quite heavy, which will determine the type of shelving that best fits your application. You need to know the potential storage space you have available, it is important to note; not only how much horizontal floor space you have, but also how much vertical space there is too, because vertical space can also be used for storage if you use a mezzanine, stacking pallet frames, or high rise pallet rack. You could potentially go 3 or 4 levels high if you have the ceiling clearance and a stacker, lift truck, or forklift with an appropriate lift height. Once you have determined the size and weight of your items and how much floor and vertical space you have, it is time to decide what type of racking that would best suit your needs. There are many types of racking available, bolted and boltless, pallet racking, cantilever racking, rivet racking, and wide span shelving are some of the most popular ones. Some of these racks can be stationary, mobile, drive in, drive through, or push back depending on your application. Due to the size and weight of most industrial and commercial products you may need a rack that is capable of holding a higher capacity, because of the strength gained from the use of sturdy bolted racking (or structural racking) is a widely-used form of racking both industrially and commercially. Boltless racking, on the other hand, uses clips instead of bolts which give this type of shelving the added advantage of being highly adjustable. One of the most popular forms of boltless racking is rivet racking; some of the benefits of rivet racking are ease of assembly, configuration choices, and unobstructed access from two or more sides. Pallet racking is the most versatile type of racking because it can accommodate items of various sizes and lengths in order to fit goods with a variety of sizes and weights stacked on pallets. Your choice of decking can be just as important as the rack itself. Wood, Steel, Corrugated Steel, and Wire. Wire allows for the best fire protection as the water passes through easily. Cantilever is the optimal storage solution for long or bulky items such as carpet rolls, furniture, lumber, tubing, textiles, piping and other long items. Available in roll formed and structural steel designs, cantilever offers a practical storage solution for even the most difficult to store items. If you don't have a ton of storage space, for instance if it is a restaurant, office, or retail store then wire shelving could be your best option. Wire shelving is available in different finishes including stainless steels, and is perfect for food storage, medical storage, or in a freezer. Other finishes are ideal for retail store fixtures and office product storage.With such a wide variety of racking and various applications available, as well as the potential for combining different racking types, there is a solution out there for any kind of storage need.
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