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Do you know all the nine types of sanitary three links?

by:Mayer     2021-08-21
What are the types of sanitary tee fittings? Sanitary tee fittings are a kind of pipe connectors. They are used at the branch pipes of the main pipeline. There are equal diameters and different diameters. The types of sanitary tee fittings are: same diameter tee, reducing tee, butt welding tee, quick-fit tee, card sleeve tee, threaded tee, stainless steel tee, normal tee, and oblique three Pass. 1. Same-diameter tee: the main pipe and the branch pipe have the same diameter. 2. Reducing tee: the branch pipe diameter is smaller than the main pipe diameter. Through pipe fittings. 4. Socket type tee: it is a tee pipe fitting that is welded or welded after inserting the connecting pipe into each end of the tee. 5. Compression-type tee: It is a three-way pipe fitting with a ferrule joint at each end, and the pipe fitting is inserted and then tightened. 6. Threaded tee: Tee fittings that connect pipes in a threaded manner. 7. Stainless steel tees: tees welded with stainless steel pipes. 8. Positive tees: tee fittings for branch pipes and vertical main pipes. 9. Oblique tee: it is a tee fitting with a certain angle between the branch pipe and the main pipe. Sanitary three-way pipe fittings are used where the pipeline has branches. Because of its convenient and simple use, it is widely used in the fields of chemical industry, civil construction, machinery manufacturing, and shipbuilding industry.
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