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Definition of stainless steel wire drawing

by:Mayer     2021-08-25
Stainless steel wire drawing is a metal processing technology, and it is the most popular surface treatment technology in the stainless steel and aluminum products industry today. It is a wire drawing effect treatment for stainless steel and aluminum products.   Stainless steel wire drawing generally has several effects: straight wire pattern, snow pattern, nylon pattern.  Straight silk pattern is an uninterrupted pattern from top to bottom. Generally, a fixed drawing machine can be used to move the workpiece back and forth. The    snow pattern is the most popular one now. It is made up of a little bit of orderly dots, and it can be used with insect sandpaper to achieve the effect.  Nylon pattern is composed of lines of different lengths. Because of the soft texture of the nylon wheel, it can grind uneven parts to reach the nylon pattern.   Stainless steel wire drawing is very particular about procedures and craftsmanship. Generally, it cooperates with wire drawing machine to repair and restore the position of product scratches and welds, and finally achieve the overall drawing art effect.
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