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Taking Extra Care of Your Land Rover

by:Mayer     2020-06-19
If you own a land rover, it requires proper looking after by the owner and professional. It is recommended not to get the repair and servicing done from a local shop, instead from an authorized garage. If you own a Land Rover, you may be aware that it requires little extra attention and care than other vehicles. So love your vehicle a little extra to avoid huge repair bills. Here are some steps to look after your vehicle. Checking the water regularly- The petrol vehicles require this tip but yes you can do this with just any land Rover. It is best to check the water level once a week prior to starting off any long journey. If the water level is high, it might cause heavy damage to the engine. Replace the viscous coupling unit (VCU) every 70,000 miles- You can save a lot of money so it is best not to wait for any kind of symptoms. Take your vehicle to a mechanic that offers Land Rover services in Warrington and get the viscous coupling unit changed after each 70,000 miles. Regular servicing- It is just important for any vehicle. An oil change is not enough. If you possess the diesel model, some important filters need to be changed on a regular basis. Not replacing may cause severe damage to the engine. Check the oil on a regular basis- Yes, it is a very obvious tip but most of them fail to follow it. It is not sufficient to only check the oil level. Take your vehicle to a mechanic who will take off the cap and confirm whether water is getting into it. In case it has happened, the mechanic would well understand by the creamy nature of the oil. Go for red and no other color, the coolant- The composition of this particular coolant is perfect for the Land Rover engine. Check for oil leaks on the IRD unit and in the rear differential- Yes this is a problem that is mainly faced in the winter season. Take your vehicle to an expert and get it done once a while. He will take a look at the unit that is connected to the front part of the prop shaft and confirm that there is no leakage. Tire replacement for your Land Rover A lot of people take their automobile to local tire fitter shops for replacement. If you own a Land Rover, beware! They are a four wheel drive vehicle so all the four wheels must remain in the same ratio, similar type and size. A different ratio between the front and the rear wheels cause too much pressure and the transmission line is affected. So, it is suggested to get the work done from an authorized garage that specializes in servicing Land Rover in Warrington.
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