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Pipe Lining Installation Process

by:Mayer     2020-07-22
What is High Density Polyethylene pipe lining? Its just another sign that we are moving forward with the advancement of technology. The modern technology has resolved many problems and devised plans along with equipments for accomplishing tasks that were once considered impossible. From small to big issues everything is taken care of. Now most of your pipeline leakage problem will also be minimized, as much as possible, by simply installing HDPE pipe lining. How to Install pipe lining? 1. For example, if you wish to get rid of a culvert, then first inspect it to make sure that the liner can get through it. Before beginning the process flush it properly. 2. Now insert the liner by either pulling it from the other side or pushing it. It does not mean that you will have to do this process manually. You can avail various equipments and techniques for it and don't forget to spare about five feet as exposed portion. It is important to align it appropriately to have the equal slope. Another part should be placed in such a way that the exposed end of the first part is absolutely faced against the other one. 3. For better security, install a water tight seal, which can be done by positioning or installing a gasket. It will be best if the gasket is installed in the groove, as far as possible from the end. 4. Now is time for you to attach the couplings and chains. The chains should be double wrapped two feet away (approximately) from the coupling. On each side of the coupling, hoist a chain. 5. At this point we will start snapping the liners. The male bevel should be aligned inside the female bevel. So, pull the couplings together, causing the female end to expand and make way for the male end to get into the female end. The couplings will snap lock when the alignment is done appropriately. 6. The fused liners should be inserted inside the culvert by pushing it. Keep on pushing it and pulling it until the alignment seems perfect. Snap the new piece of pipe into the preceding one and then again push and pull it to fix the alignment in the culvert. Leave adequate space within each pipe inserted inside the culvert, so that they can join each other freely. 7. The culvert ends should be sealed and the annular space should be grouted. Moreover, the space between the pipe lining and the annular space should also be grouted, just to fill the empty spaces formed at the time of previous wash-out. Additionally, it will also provide a solution for structure support issues and also help in point loading problems. If you follow the HDPE process for installing all types of pipe lining then of course your installation process will become more strong and long lasting. Furthermore, the frequent pipe repair issues will also not bother you every now and then. Replace your old pipe line network to lead a better trouble free life, which will enable you to remain focused on your personal as well as official work.
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