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Northwestern Golf Clubs

by:Mayer     2020-08-01
It's very seldom that a golfer, whether a professional or a beginner would compromise on quality while choosing golf equipment, particularly a golf club. There are several brands of golf clubs which are sold in sports' stores and through online golf stores that you could find the right golf clubs as per your needs. It just requires a little knowledge about the club and some patience to select it. Northwestern golf clubs are considered to be of fine quality amongst all the brands which are available in the market. The company is known to be the largest manufacturer of golf clubs and has a variety of golf clubs in almost all categories. Some of their manufactured golf clubs include the following: Woods Northwestern produces a variety of woods which are meant to hit the ball in the fairway and carry it to long distances. They are known for producing woods with various golf club lengths that include 1, 3, 5, 9 and 11. The head on the woods are made with graphite shafts and forged titanium metal which are more flexible. When you hit the ball with less power, it gives the best possible impact. Northwestern golf clubs are also specialized in manufacturing woods fitted with steel heads. They also possess an entire range of hybrid woods which are designed to give your shot the best possible accuracy with great carry. Irons As irons require great accuracy to play shots, Northwestern has designed their irons with 4 zone weighing system which distributes the weight of the club head rightly. In order to ensure maximum control over the shot, the muscle back irons made with stainless steel head are fitted with low torque graphite shafts and non slip grips. Besides this northwestern are also specialized in producing hybrids which are designed to play shots at about any lie which gives you outstanding accuracy of the shot. Drivers Drivers are mainly used to tee off the ball and carry it to the longer distance. Keeping this in mind, Northwestern has designed their drivers which are available in wide varieties. Besides being made in graphite, the drivers are also available in titanium and alloy metals as well. Northwestern golf clubs with their sharp drivers, woods, irons, etc. are also mainly used in golf training programs.
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