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Leather Fashion Trends of 2011

by:Mayer     2020-08-09
So long as leather is matched properly they can be worn to a 100 different occasions from a wild party to a demure office get together. All it needs is great styling, the perfect accessories and the confidence to carry it off. Leather, as a fabric is a super safe investment. It comes back in style season after season and year after year. It all began in 1953 with Marlon Brando sporting a leather jacket in 'The Wild One'. The style undoubtedly caught on and the rest is history. Leather is sported year after year at various fashion events and shows. Every year a new modification comes in, a new style is introduced and a new boldness appears. Celebes sports it and there is no reason why you should not. Here is the hottest leather trends of 2011 sported at the Fashion Week: Valentino redefined leather as being tough and for the no-nonsense woman. He created a mid thigh length leather ruffled dress with a cinched belt at the waist and plain leather full sleeves. The sweet ruffles help accentuate your feminism and would look awesome when paired with a simple sweater. Designer Phoebe Philo made use of luxe leather. She created simple one-piece dresses, which only requires a change in accessories to change the look for either a corporate party or a Saturday night out. Balenciaga probably used leather and other fabrics in the most innovative of manners. There was a delicate combination of traditional tough looking leather with bright colored fabrics and an appropriate show of skin. The tops were trendy and bold, with subtle undertones of acute feminism and delicateness. The dual effect of boldness with a hint of girliness was the show stealer. Balenciaga also introduced an awesome pair of leather pants that fit like spandex. One cannot talk about the leather trends of 2011 without mentioning the fabulous creations showcased by Costume National. Leather hot pants (who would've thought of that?) tiny leather shorts were combined with a simple vest, scarf and a leather jacket. What's more - grey is no longer a color restricted only to Fall. Anyone who knows their fashion is obviously aware that Hermes is basically a synonym for style and sophistication. At the latest fashion week, Hermes obviously continued to keep alive its tradition and showcased some chic and elegant creations. The highlight was a body-hugging halter dress with a plunging neckline. The styling of the outfit was classy, it was well tailored and the understated caramel color created ripples of panache on the runway. You may think you have experimented with all the varieties of leather miniskirts possible. Enter Guy Laroche! The designer showcased a grey asymmetrical, studded leather skirt and paired it with a casual plain tee. Bang! The leather mini skirt is re-defined! Trendiness oozed from the outfit without compromising on sheer grace. Christian Dior rocked the ramp with a fabulously styled trench style jacket. A cross between a trench coat and jacket, the fitting and detailing was so perfect that it could almost pass for fabric instead of leather. The hottest colors in leather for 2011 are grays and caramels. Exploit your leather wardrobe to the fullest and prepare to be crowned the queen of fashion 2011!
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