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Flow Meters to Suit Any Pipe Size

by:Mayer     2020-09-11
Portable ultrasonic flow meter: This handheld model of ultrasonic flow meter has got data logging feature with various output options that makes it easy to use. The presence of a non-intrusive flow meter and volume flow display facilitates for the fast and simple installation without the need for cutting any existing pipe. The location memory allows for quick set-up system when returning to the earlier sites. The internal battery pack provides 12 hours of power and a 260VAC charger supplied with clamp on ultrasonic transducers that makes it suitable for pipe sized ranging from 1 to 4 inches and 2 to 28 inches. It is ideal for vertical as well as horizontal installation. They are not prone to deterioration and can go into any pipe size or material. Turbine Flow meters: The Liquid turbine and dry gases Turbine flow meter the two types in this category have the same feature and specifications except for in the accuracy and repeatability. They are made of stainless steel, have got flanged connections and are even available in wafer style versions on special request. The temperature range for both types of turbine flow meters ranges from -30C to 120C. The accuracy with linear range for FT meter is plus or minus .5 % where as for GFT meter is plus or minus 2%. The repeatability for the former is plus or minus .1% where as for the latter is plus or minus .2%. There are many applications using these turbine flow meters. Odorant Injection Applications: Utilities need to supply gas which is odorized to certain limits. Too little of it makes the fuel undetectable thereby creating a dangerous situation potentially. Too much of it can be costly but not hazardous and also excess odorant injection will make the imperceptible leaks to be perceptible and will start propagating in a tight environment. Most of the gas utility services normally overdose the gas for eliminating the potential liabilities. Typical installation includes the utilization of metering pumps that inject odorant or having odorant injection to the pipe lines of natural gas. These devices provide maximum accuracies and the control is specifically done by an onsite technician. The onsite technician frequently have a check and then make adjustments on the metering pump pneumatic timer for making the output of the pump to corresponds to the indicator reading of the gas flow. A micro flow meter is utilised for providing required feedback to the control system to make sure that odorant is injected to the pipeline. This will help in overcoming the metering pump functions and any depletion in the supply of odorant. Low Flow meters Low flow meters are suitable for most kind of fuels like diesel, Bio-Diesel, Oil, Urea, DEF, heating oil and so on. They are available in various sizes ranging from a half to about three inches. There are about four categories of low flow meters and the choice can be made depending on their specifications and your utilisation and how can they prove beneficial for you.
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