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Disassembly and cleaning method of sanitary butterfly valve

by:Mayer     2021-08-18
Disassembly and cleaning method of sanitary butterfly valve The tools for disassembly and assembly of sanitary butterfly valve include the following common tools in addition to the general-purpose screwdriver wire cutters, adjustable wrenches and hammers. 1. Fixed wrench: It can only pull a nut or bolt of a specification. Compared with the adjustable wrench, this wrench is not easy to damage the nut and bolt. It is divided into open-end wrench, integral wrench and torx wrench. 2. Sanitary butterfly valve socket wrench: It is composed of torx wrenches of different sizes. Used for difficult-to-operate positions. 3. Locking wrench: It is a locking wrench, which is divided into fixed hook wrench, movable hook wrench and U-shaped locking wrench. It is used on the nut for counting and planting the trap. When pulling hard, the elastic rod deforms, the greater the force, the greater the deformation. The deformation of the elastic sweat causes the dial to move, and the amount of the pointer is the measured torque * This kind of wrench can avoid excessive force and damage to the parts. It is often used to measure the pre-tightening force of the gasket on electric ball valves. 4. Sanitary butterfly valve special wrenches: There are frying wheel wrenches and moment drummers. The ratchet wrench does not need to change the angle when it is pulled. The torque wrench is also called force measurement.
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