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Tips to Take Care of Wood Burning Stoves

by:Mayer     2020-06-08
Taking care of the wood burning stove regularly, helps to prolong its life and prevents unwanted fire accidents. A professional can be used to take care of your wood burning stove; however you too can take care of your stove by following the simple maintenance tips given below. Chimney Chimney must be kept free from clog and it is good to get it cleaned once or twice every year. Tar deposits in the chimney are toxic in nature and can affect the health. In addition these deposits are also fire hazardous and it can lead to fire accident. Next thing you have to do is check the chimneys for leaks, gaps between the mortars or bricks can leak out gas or smoke which is hazardous in nature. It is good to check racks, to ensure that smoke leaks are controlled. Chimney must be well lined, if flue is not used then a liner made out of stainless steel or pumice can be used. Leca can be used to insulate the gap between the chimney and flue. A well insulated chimney prevents the leakage of gases and smoke, moreover it will also help the gas to stay hot until all gases are discharged out from the chimney thereby stops the formation of tar. Using seasoned woods is the best way to prevent the buildup of tar. Finally do not forget to have rain cap or rain cowl for your chimney as it protects your chimney from rain, bird spills and falling of unwanted debris. Baffle plates Baffle plates are made out from high quality materials like steel, cast iron, etc to withstand any high amount of temperature. It must be replaced at regular intervals according to the manufactures recommendation. While changing the baffle plates it has to be done carefully and it must be replaced once the wood burning stove has cooled down. If they are not replaced at right time then the stove cannot work efficiently. Paint With regular tear and wear paints on the wood burning stove can go off. But you can maintain its new look by touching with paint, specialized high temperature paint can make your stove as a new one. Enamel filler kit can be used while you touch up your wood burning stove. Not only your stove looks new but also paint can keep off rust. Regularly taking care of the wood burning stoves not only gives best output, but also your wood burning stove remains good for long years.
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