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Tips For Roller Derby Beginners

by:Mayer     2020-06-10
Roller derby that started in early 90s is now one of the most popular team sports worldwide. From an entertainment sport, roller derby has come a long way to become a professional sport. It is a sport that is predominantly played by women and at times men. One of the main factors behind the growing popularity of the sport is that it is based on the right blend of athleticism and aggression. Outfit of the Players The outfits worn by roller derby girls may vary according to their personal styles and choices. Some girls prefer wearing something called 'roller hooker' that include short skirts, fishnet tights, and knee highs. Girls looking for a sportier look stick to knee highs and sport shoes. The outfit worn by a player mainly depends upon what her role in the team is and what she is comfortable in. Some girls prefer wearing short pants under their skirts for a more family-friendly look. In some commercial events all the participants may need to wear uniforms of a particular style containing the logo of the sponsors. Unless the league asks you to dress in a particular fashion, you can wear whatever you like. Protective Gears Since roller derby is an aggressive sport, the chances of falls and injuries are high. Therefore, you need proper protective accessories in order to stay safe. A helmet is a must have protective gear that is important to protect your head, face and mouth during a collision or fall. In addition to helmet, you may also need protective pads like elbow pads, knee pads, mouth guards, shin guards and shoes. Right fitting of roller derby gears is as important as the gear itself. Some women also prefer wearing tailbone protectors and chest armors. Usually, a league offers protective gears for the beginners, but after few matches you may need to arrange for your own protective gears. Right Age for Playing There is no specific age for playing roller derby. Starting from teenagers to women in their late 40s can comfortably play the game. It is all about how fit and willing you are to give your best to the sport. Do you understand the game? Are you able to skate fast and give a tough competition to the opposition? If not, are you willing to improve yourself? If yes, then no matter what your age is, you are just the perfect woman to become a good player.
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