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The Use of Quick Couplings Are Pneumatic Fittings

by:Mayer     2020-06-01
Using the quick couplings is to pay attention to some problems. For example, when installing the quick couplings is necessary to pay attention to the following aspects: In a thread with a quick couplings thread Department thickness of raw material with the appropriate winding.Tighten using the appropriate power of quick coupling, force may twist a bad connector, power connector not cause leakage and release.Will be used to insert the tube top cut flat vertical pipe cutter, pipe wall to be inserted to smooth, clean, no scratches, if any scratches, there are scratches in the pipe should be vertical cut away. Will cut the top tube insertion quick couplings, plug in the end force.To test tube connected firmly, pull the power look with the appropriate tubes, pipes can not pull.Placed in the quick couplings chuck Department clasp, to avoid the use of the process tube was accidentally pulled out. Chuck fast connection to the outside gently pull so that there is a gap between the two, insert the card in the gap between the rings. What is demolition using quick coupling step it, please note the following:First check the water inlet is closed, and ensure the water pressure is zero; followed by the quick clasp removed; the last hand with the index finger and thumb to hold the chuck to the quick joints, while the other hand can pull out the tube. Here are the environmental requirements to use pneumatic fittings. Pneumatic fittings system is composed of various pneumatic fittings, their use of the environment should be: Do not use quick couplings corrosive gases, chemicals, water, steam, water and environment. Do not place used to have explosive gas. Do not have vibration and shock for a place or pneumatic fittings required to comply with the sample vibration and shock. Do not use around heat, thermal radiation effects of the occasion, or to take appropriate measures. Place with direct sunlight, protection measures should be added. A drop of water, oil or welding flowers occasions, shall take the necessary protective measures. In the humidity, dust and more occasions, shall take the necessary protective measures. Pneumatic fittings and selection of designers who made pneumatic system quick couplings should be based on performance requirements, consider the safety and possible failure, according to the latest product samples and information to determine the specifications of pneumatic fittings. Necessary to do the appropriate analysis and testing. Recommendations and after consultation pneumatic manufacturer selection, as well as emergency cut off circuit, press the clutch and brake with the circuit, safety machines and the like, on the person and property should have a significant impact on the application in consultation with the manufacturers of pneumatic fittings after Selection. Broadly speaking, pneumatic fittings tools is to use compressed quick couplings air driven pneumatic fittings motor and the kinetic energy of external work output of a tool, in accordance with its basic work can be divided into: Rotary eccentric movable vane. Reciprocating piston volume.General pneumatic tool parts mainly by power output, operating some form of conversion, intake and exhaust road section to open and stop the operation control part, tool case and so the main part, of course, the operation of pneumatic tools must also be part of the energy supply, air filters and air pressure conditioning components and tool accessories. Pneumatic fittings series consists of: air pressure generating device,the pneumatic fittings air compressor. Pneumatic actuators. Pneumatic control components used to control the working fluid pressure, flow and flow way for the implementation of the necessary components to complete the movement characteristics of components, such as pressure, flow and directional control valves and various logic devices, etc.. Sensors and conversion devices will be charged into a pressure parameter detected and the signal of Qigong and the gas sensor signal and the electro-hydraulic components such as signal conversion with each other. Pneumatic accessories, including clean air source, component lubrication, component connections and components such as silencers.
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