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The stainless steel sight glass and the connection method on the pipe should be selected carefully

by:Mayer     2021-08-22
Stainless steel sight glass and pipe connection method should be carefully selected. There are stainless steel pipe sight glass used on the pipe, stainless steel straight sight glass, stainless steel impeller sight glass, stainless steel floating ball sight glass, stainless steel glass tube sight glass and so on. The stainless steel sight glass on the container and the equipment originally had only one connection method. It was welded to the container regardless of whether it had a neck or not. The latest Ministry of Energy standard added a flange to the clamp. Stainless steel mirrors and pipes have more stainless steel connection methods. Flanges, (such as flange stainless steel straight-through mirrors), threaded (internally threaded glass tube stainless steel viewing cups) are the most common connection methods, and the more common ones are Welding (welding through sight glass), quick installation (quick installation of glass tube sight glass), butt clip (together clip sight glass), hose joints, etc.
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