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The importance of sanitary butterfly valve application cleaning and its cause analysis

by:Mayer     2021-08-18
The importance of sanitary butterfly valve application cleaning and its reason analysis The application of sanitary butterfly valve connection technology makes the complicated pipeline connection process simple, fast and convenient, reduces the difficulty of operation, stabilizes the quality, and improves work efficiency. Ordinary workers can operate after simple training, so how should sanitary valves be maintained before and after work? The sanitary butterfly valve needs to be inspected and thoroughly cleaned before use. There should be no oil and other dirt on the surface. This is to allow it to operate normally when it is working; after use, the site needs to be cleaned to ensure that there is A good mood and a good working environment increase efficiency and work smoothly. In recent years, with the improvement of living standards, the market for sanitary valves is changing in the face of broad market space and increasingly advanced science and technology. Beverages, dairy products, pharmaceuticals, water treatment, food, semiconductors and other fields are useful for hygiene. Grade valve. 1. When the sanitary butterfly valve rusts due to the adhesion of dissimilar metals, it can be wiped with a sponge or cloth, and a neutral detergent or soapy water. Remove rust easily. Then rinse with clean water, taking care not to leave the lotion on it. For this degree of rust removal, as long as the removal work is done immediately, it is not only easy to maintain, more effective, and the removal cost is also very cheap. But if you ignore it in this way, a mixture of iron hydroxide, iron oxide, and iron sulfite will soon be formed, and it will show a severe rusty brown state. In this situation, it can be completely removed with commercially available stainless steel cleaning chemicals or diluted with 15℅ nitric acid. However, there is also rust that cannot be removed, and at the same time it will damage the stainless steel surface or damage the stainless steel. 2. The sanitary butterfly valve attaches to the rust caused by harmful components in the exhaust. In the environment of the construction site or the city with heavy traffic, the stainless steel surface is easily polluted, and sometimes there will be small spots of rust. These conditions are mostly caused by harmful components contained in exhaust from automobiles, air-conditioners, or factory exhaust. At this time, when the pollution is slight, it can be completely cleaned with neutral detergent or soapy water, but when it is serious, it is not easy to handle. In this case, the same maintenance method as in item 1 above can be used to clean it. In this environment, as far as possible 2-3 times a year, comprehensive regular cleaning work, at least one regular cleaning is required. 3. The sanitary butterfly valve is rusted due to the adhesion of salt. It is blown by the sea breeze on the front side such as coastal areas. SUS 304 stainless steel will also produce red rust in a short period of time. Moreover, it rusts faster than other areas, and the treatment method is the same as in the case of 1. When adopting stainless steel exterior in coastal areas, it is hoped to use more corrosion-resistant SUS 316 as stainless steel as much as possible. As for the use of SUS 304 as stainless steel exterior, as far as possible, do regular cleaning 3-4 times a year. 4. If the rust caused by the sanitary valve attached to the cleaning solution cannot be removed with a neutral cleaning agent, use the cleaning solution to remove it. 5. If the rust of the sanitary butterfly valve caused by hand dirt or fingerprints cannot be removed with a neutral detergent, use a sponge, cloth, etc. to moisten it with an organic solvent (alcohol, benzine, acetone, etc.) to wipe it. If this method still cannot be completely removed, use a cleaning solution for stainless steel to remove it. In short, after cleaning with various cleaning methods, you must do another rinse with clean water.
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