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The following factors should be considered when choosing a sanitary diaphragm valve:

by:Mayer     2021-08-15
The following factors should be considered when choosing a sanitary diaphragm valve: The temperature range of the fluid medium to be controlled by the sanitary diaphragm valve The pressure range that the sanitary diaphragm valve must withstand may affect the climatic conditions in which the sanitary diaphragm valve works. What is the control function of the sanitary diaphragm valve for the safety standard or piping code valve category that the possible abnormal pressure or stress must meet? Each valve structure is used to perform a certain function. Don't expect one valve to be able to perform all functions in the entire piping system. Pressure-temperature rating. In order to meet actual needs, please pay special attention to the pressure-temperature ratings of the required valves. Pay special attention to the sealing material and gasket material, which determine the pressure-temperature rating of the valve to a considerable extent. According to actual needs, specify the sealing material and precipitation material to meet or exceed the actual demand. Sanitary diaphragm valve and connection method. The integrity of the piping system, future routine maintenance, anti-corrosion factors, on-site assembly, weight and safety, etc. are all factors that should be considered when determining the connection between the valve and the pipeline. Operation mode or operation method Select the appropriate operation mode or operation method according to the valve type, size, pressure, temperature, installation environment and other factors. Ordering Sanitary Diaphragm Valves When ordering sanitary diaphragm valves, please provide the following data to avoid unnecessary repetitions and delays, and to ensure that the valve you purchase is indeed the valve you need. Sanitary diaphragm valve diameter pressure interface materials: castings and component materials. Valve types: gate valve, globe valve, check valve, butterfly valve, ball valve, etc. For the terminal connection method, if the connection method is welding, the thickness of the pipe wall of the connecting pipe shall be provided; if the connection method is flange, the flange surface or the degree of polishing shall be provided. Any material different from the standard configuration: sealing material, precipitation material, bolt material, etc. Any accessories: acid-proof protective layer, locking device, chain operation, etc. Manual or power actuator: Please include the required technical details. For the convenience of ordering, please confirm the specifications and models. The nominal diameter of the pipe connected to the valve must be determined. Valve material When determining the correct sanitary diaphragm valve material, the following factors should be considered: The temperature range of the fluid medium to be controlled by the valve The pressure range that the valve is subjected to may affect the climatic conditions of the valve's operation The possible abnormality of the valve Safety standards or piping regulations to be met by pressure or stress
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