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The degreasing treatment of sanitary diaphragm valves is commonly known as oil-free treatment and details that need attention in installation operations

by:Mayer     2021-08-17
The degreasing treatment of sanitary diaphragm valves is commonly known as oil-free treatment and the details that need to be paid attention to during installation. Sanitary diaphragm valves must be completed in strict accordance with the required steps before and after assembly. This article mainly introduces the components of the diaphragm valve during assembly. The treatment process that must be passed before is as follows:   1) According to the processing requirements, some parts need to be polished, and the surface must not have processing burrs, etc.;   2) All parts are degreasing treatment;   3) Sanitary diaphragm valve is completed after degreasing Pickling passivation (the cleaning agent does not contain phosphorus);   4) After pickling passivation, rinse with pure water, and there should be no chemical residue (carbon steel parts omit this step);   5) Wipe each part with a non-woven cloth Dry, do not leave the surface of parts such as lint, or blow dry with clean nitrogen;   6) Wipe each part with non-woven fabric or precision filter paper dipped in analytical pure alcohol until there is no dirty color. Other requirements for the installation of sanitary diaphragm valves:   1) The assembled sanitary diaphragm valve is purged with nitrogen for at least 1 minute;   2) The air tightness test must be pure nitrogen;   3) After the air tightness test is qualified, it shall be encapsulated and used Clean the polyethylene cap and seal it. Before use, the polyethylene cap should be soaked in organic solvent and wiped clean;   4) Then seal it with a vacuum bag;   5)Finally packing;   6) Measures should be taken to ensure that the package is not damaged during transportation. The degreasing treatment of sanitary diaphragm valves is the process of cleaning the ball valves. Careful attention is needed. The degreasing treatment of the ball valves is often the place that is particularly sensitive to oily substances. Hope this article will help readers.
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