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The Coupling Via a Jacket Engaged on a Shoulder Protruding

by:Mayer     2020-06-18
The valve body is generally cylindrical, in order to be engaged and attached in a sealed manner in a housing provided in a hydraulic block in which the fluid to be controlled circulates. Usually the electromagnetic actuator protrudes from thehydraulic block and is held by its coupling to the valve body. The coupling via a jacket engaged on a shoulder protruding from the valve body makes it possible to attach a magnetic actuator of sufficient power whose external diameter is thereforegreater than that of the valve body. According to another aspect, the object of the invention is to produce such a solenoid valve in which the valve body remains compatible with the current geometric and dimensional requirements, and in which the actuation force produced by theelectromagnetic actuator remains compatible with the reliable actuation requirements of the stopper to control the fluid in all circumstances. Because of the presence of the protruding shoulder, it is necessary to make use of a plunge-cut precision grinding. The plunge-cut precision grinding is carried out by a radial forward movement of the grinding mill, a radial forward movementwhich differs depending on whether the mill comes to precision grind the shoulder or the mill comes to precision grind the part of the valve body whose diameter has previously been reduced during the rough machining. Multiple passes are then necessarydue to the limited width of the precision grinding mill that is usually less than the length of the valve body blank. This dispenses with the plunge-cut precision grinding steps, thanks to the absence of a monoblock protruding shoulder on the valve body. But it is necessary to providethe additional and costly operation of material rebating in order to attach the axi-symmetric piece fitted to the valve body. In addition, the mechanical strength of the material rebate is not guaranteed and the result is a risk that clearance mayprogressively appear and the coupling may break. In addition, the fitted axi-symmetric piece has a complex shape which increases the cost of manufacture. A solenoid valve for controlling the flow of a fluid in a hydraulic circuit, comprising: a metallic valve body defining a valve portion having at least one fluid duct, atleast one peripheral groove, a stopper for allowing or preventing the flow of fluid in the fluid duct and a mechanical connection to actuate the stopper, an electromagnetic actuator arranged to actuate the mechanical connection. Consequently, the production of a valve body with protruding shoulder has been hitherto costly both during the rough machining and during the precision grinding in order to achieve a valve body that satisfies the geometric and dimensional qualityconditions. This geometric and dimensional quality however remains necessary to the very operation of the valve body in the solenoid valve, to ensure good circulation of the fluid in the hydraulic circuit, without leaks or defects in the control of itsflow. The valve body thus furnished with its fitted shoulder can be used with a large dimension electromagnetic actuator, particularly in the case where a considerable actuation force is necessary in the conditions of use of the solenoid valve thusformed. The solenoid valve is thus easier to mount, the axial nose providing an easy centering of the valve body relative to the winding of the electromagnetic actuator. In the case where the valve body consists of a ferromagnetic material, the latterthus comes to effectively close the magnetic loop of the electromagnetic actuator to provide it with an excellent operation. With such a solenoid valve structure, it is then possible to achieve a substantial cost saving in manufacture and assembly, by manufacturing separately the valve body itself and the matching retaining half-washers from pieces of smallerdimensions, without major material wastage. The half-washers form pieces whose simple shape can be produced at low cost. The valve body blank, then having no shoulder, may be precision ground at less cost using a throughfeed precision grinding. Duringthe assembly, the adaptation of the jacket after the matching half-washers are inserted into the peripheral groove simultaneously, in a single operation, attaches the half-washers to the valve body and attaches the electromagnetic actuator to the valvebody. In particular this makes it possible to use, to form the valve body, a material more suited to the particular requirements of use of the solenoid valve, without, for all that, compromising the correct operation of the latter. It will bepossible, for example, to produce the valve body in aluminum for the purpose of reducing the weight of the solenoid valve.
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