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Technical requirements for the production of stainless steel elbows

by:Mayer     2021-08-26
Stainless steel elbow (elbow): In the pipeline system, two pipes with the same or different nominal diameters are connected to make the pipeline bend at a certain angle. The classification of elbows: According to the angle, there are three commonly used elbows of 45, 90 and 180. In addition, according to the needs of the project, it also includes other abnormal angle elbows such as 60. The connection methods with the pipe include: direct welding (commonly used), flange connection, threaded connection and socket connection. Technical requirement 1 Since most of the pipe fittings are used for welding, in order to improve the welding quality, the ends are beveled with a certain angle and a certain side. This requirement is also stricter. How thick the side is and how much the angle is The deviation range is stipulated. The surface quality and mechanical properties are basically the same as those of the pipe. For the convenience of welding, the steel grade of the pipe fitting and the pipe being connected is the same. 2 is the requirement for packaging. For small pipe fittings, such as export, wooden boxes are required, about 1 cubic meter, and the number of elbows in such boxes cannot exceed one ton. The standard allows sets, that is, large sets and small sets, but The total weight should generally not exceed 1 ton. For large items, single packaging is required, such as 24″ must be individually packaged. The other is the packaging mark, the mark must indicate the size, steel number, batch number, manufacturer's trademark, etc.
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