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Reduce Pain When Using Crutches With Grip Pads

by:Mayer     2020-07-18
For the unfortunate few who are forced to use crutches, the pain that results from their continuous use can be excruciating. Besides chafing the skin in the underarms they are also known to cause pain in the palm and wrist. The nerves that move from the shoulder to the spine are also known to be affected. Accessories like crutch pads and grip pads help by reducing friction, thereby reducing the discomfort and pain. Before you buy one of these accessories, make sure to choose good quality pads that are made from high quality cotton based fabrics and high density foam. While low quality products add to the discomfort, crutch pads made from high density foam curve to your body and are breathable. As for durability, buy one that promises to last even after frequent washes and retains the extra padding. A good crutch cap is ergonomically designed thus allowing it to be nestled snugly to the body. Also make sure that it is Latex free and hypoallergenic. Thanks to these, you don't have to worry about germs and bacteria left by previous owners of rented crutches. You can even choose from a wide variety of colors. Installing these is easy and can be done by anyone, including the user himself. Simply open the closure of the cap and then place onto one end of the crutch. The other end of the crutch can now be pulled over the other end. You can also use a hook and loop to close the opening of the cap. The problem of underarm soreness experienced by crutch wearers is also due to the improper use of crutches and use of ill fitting crutches. Before you buy a crutch, make sure you have the right fit, especially when standing upright. There should be a minimum of one to two finger widths below the arm pit. The crutch pads should be resting on the rib cage. The arms should be pressed on the hand grip as opposed to the underarm. Besides these, crutch bags too are a commonly sold accessory. These bags are an ideal solution to carry your wallet, keys, phone and other essentials. The bag can be attached in 3 different heights and are perfect for any size of hands. You can also tie it to the lower portion of the crutch and not worry about the crutch bumping on your leg.
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