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Protect and Beautify with Deck Post Caps

by:Mayer     2020-07-20
Using deck post caps can be one of the best investments a homeowner can make. These serve a dual purpose in that these can make a home more attractive but also help to preserve what usually is a considerable investment. Sizes and styles galore These products can be found in many sizes. 4 x 4 and 6 x 6 are some of the most common ones but there are also ones that are larger or smaller for different purposes. People can choose from a variety of different materials but metal are often the best choices. Copper and stainless steel are two of the best and provide long use. The styles for these products may follow traditional ones such as peaked shapes somewhat like pyramids, traditional pineapple forms - the historical symbol of 'welcome' or even round ball shapes. The shape range will vary by manufacturer and not all companies offer all shapes. Additional features Some of these products have lighting features. These are often solar powered so that there is no need to install any additional electrical services to light them. These often have a soft glow that can enhance the looks of a deck or patio. Some people like to use them to illuminate areas near gardens or pathways. These can be great lighting sources for casual dining on the deck or patio or parties. People will want to look for designs that mention the word 'miterless.' This means that the post cap was manufactured all of one piece of metal with no seams. This can be important for several reasons. It gives the cap a more finished look and eliminates the possibility of any rough edges. The other issue is that this provides better protection for the post underneath. Since part of the reason people use these products is to protect the ends of posts from water damage that makes them split but also prone to insect damage from termites, carpenter bees or other pests. This helps to preserve the life of the posts and deck longer than leaving the ends uncovered. One of the best reasons to use these is the design aspect. Using deck post caps is one way to provide the finishing touches to a home and give it an attractive look. People may also want to find matching caps in other sizes to use for mailbox posts, house number signs or even bird feeder stands as these can help to tie all the design elements together.
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