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Precisely Why Water Pipes Have To Be Made Of High

by:Mayer     2020-07-21
In as much as all water resources are not fit for human consumption, all supplies used in piping is also not fit to reticulate drinking water. Water pipes, as a result, need to be made of top quality materials designed to comply with health and other policies. Water pipes might be produced from any of three kinds of plastic, being polyethylene (PP-R), polypropylene (PPSU) or polyvinyl chloride. (PVC) These items may be made more flexible for some applications by the addition of plasticizers. Pipes made of these materials are sanitary and non-toxic and offers resistance to electro chemical deterioration. Because of the high ability to tolerate excessive working temperatures of up to 180 degrees these pipes are also suited to the transport of very hot water. These pipes can be purchased in diameters of 16 - 125 mm causing them to be suitable for an array of applications in water reticulation. PVC, in actual fact, is not a present day discovery, but was first discovered in 1835 and yet again in 1872. In the early twentieth century, it was attempted to use PVC commercially but it turned out too inflexible and breakable to be of any key use. In 1926 an American company developed a method of plasticizing PVC, which made the product as we know it today. Water pipes traditionally had to be linked by way of couplers and the application of glue. Current systems, however, enables coupling through special seals or the pipe to be inserted into the coupling which was bevelled before insertion with a special tool. Some types can also be heat fused. This makes for quick coupling, saving time and money as no large or pricey tools are required. An additional advantage of PVC piping is the fact that it need not be buried in some commercial or agricultural applications, making for versatility and effecting cost savings. Water pipes of days gone by were made of lead or cast iron, both materials that were not really designed for the purpose from a health perspective. Cast iron was vulnerable to corrosion and they water seldom tasted very good, specifically if the system was not used for a period of time. These systems were also vulnerable to bursting and seeping, rendering the upkeep of such systems troublesome and costly. PVC overcomes almost all of the maintenance issues as it lasts for up to 50 years, is not at risk of bursting, if bonded effectively will not trickle and it is easy to replace a piece should the need come up. It is further light in weight and will hold up against working temperatures of up to 180 degrees making it the ideal material for household, but also industrial and agricultural use. An important advantage, of course, compared to traditional materials, is the low cost of PVC piping. The transportation of water pipes these days is also less problematical. You could conveniently fit a coil of sufficient length to construct a home irrigation system into your car. Fitting the system together is also easy and often you only need to plug a sub section into the main pipe by making a hole and inserting the sun system.
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