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Ping G15 Fairway Wood Is For Excellent Ball Control

by:Mayer     2020-07-28
I have never been much of a fan of shallow faced fairway clubs, since I had a G-10 3 wood and didn't care much for it, but I recently bought the G15 5 wood . I liked it so much that I thought I would try the 3 wood. Boy, was I surprised, and pleased. I hit this 240 yds, high and straight. The best thing about this club is that with a little lead tape, golf clubs for sale placed in the right spot, you can adjust the ball flight with ease. I highly recommend, and I very seldom recommend anything. The new [url=http://www.chinawholesalegroup.com/ping-g15-fairway-woods_p23326.html]Ping G15 Fairway Wood[/url] on chinawholesalegroup.com are extremely forgiving and easy to use. With a great profile these clubs are great to use off the tee, fairway and semi rough to help get you closer to the green on longer hole.The Ping G15 Fairway Wood also has the unusual, but impressive, combination of a shallow face and a long head. What's more, the elongated, low profile design of the G15 Fairway Wood offers a long, forgiving option for golfers who rely on the confidence of a larger head. cheap golf clubs An external weight pad on the sole of the stainless steel head positions the center-of-gravity low and farther back to provide higher trajectories and increased distance. Having a difficult time selecting a putter, and have the [url=http://www.chinawholesalegroup.com/titleist-scotty-cameron-studio-select-newport2-putter_p23320.html]Scotty Cameron Newport 2 putter[/url] in your list, your search is over. Great putter!!! My son took part in the Southwest Regional Championship in Phoenix and used this Newport 2 putter that weekend and think of it as confidence or maybe sure wanting to do well, he putted lights out. Needless to say its not all only the Scotty Cameron putter, but when you stand more than a putt and notice the equiptment can help, half the battle is performed. Only make the stroke!!! Play well all, Vegas Baby!! I put this Newport putter during my bag about a month ago, and contains already become the most popular club within the bag. Before purchasing this putter, putting was always the weakest portion of my game. Putts gave the impression to come off my old putter different each and every time, developing a insufficient confidence in my putting stroke. But with this Scotty Cameron Newport 2 putter the ball accelerates off of the face a lot more true than that of any other putter That i have ever used. My confidence has did start to increase, and I have seen far more putts drop from both long and short range distances.
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